A moment to Bond. And to be a Bond girl..

Cafe Royal, London

Dress: Ghost Fashion in Dusty Green
Make-up: Tom Ford

We couldn’t get into Ian Fleming’s fictional Casino Royale; both the casino and the French city Royale-les-Eaux in which it was reputed to exist were both creations of Fleming’s imagination. But London is a very real and vibrant city, and the city’s Cafe Royal proves to be just as exquisite a building and establishment.

Channeling my inner Bond girl amongst Cafe Royal’s gilt walls, I donned Lea Seydoux’s Ghost dress from the upcoming Bond film Spectre and considered a dab of Tom Ford fragrance the only accessory needed. That, and a trusty Walther PPK. All of it in order to take you on our very own secret journey ahead of the premiere of Spectre this Monday, October the 26th, in London.


Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-2

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-10

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-9

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-7

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-3

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-6

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-12

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-5

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-11

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-4

Spectre dress Lea Seydoux ghost James Bond-8



  • Anda

    Omg you look just like Megan Fox! Beautiful girl <3

  • You both make magic! Seriously!! Many of these shots belong to be printed in Vogue, Elle and so on. And the location itself is!!!! Just wow!

  • Nesrin Bozlak

    Oh very beautiful, you look so different with blue eyes.


  • Thanks @alksne:disqus – glad you like them 🙂

  • incredible photos, you look gorgeous!

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  • viktoria

    просто невероятная!


  • You out do yourselves with every collaboration that sees the daylight! Bravo!


  • You are extremely sexy with those blue eyes <3

  • Wow you look so different but so so stunning!! <3 These photos are drop dead amazing and you are drop dead gorgeous!


  • Kaja

    beautiful pictures! and the dress is simply amazing 🙂


  • That’s very kind, thanks @brigitadambe:disqus 🙂

  • Cassandra

    These shots are absolutely incredible!!


  • Thanks a lot, Laura, that’s very nice to hear xx

  • Thank you very much, Cassandra x

  • It is isn’t it? I fell in love with it as soon as i saw the trailer. Thank you! 😀

  • Awww, thank you sweety x

  • Oulala, merci xx

  • Спасибо большое!

  • Everyone says that haha. Thank you x

  • Wow, i never got that one before. Thanks a lot :*

  • Hanis Azhar

    Everything looks so exclusive. I like it!

  • Wow! Just stunning! You look beautiful and Daniel has such an incredible eye for capturing light and reflection. Love this! Stephanie x


  • Glad you like them @stephaniepeers:disqus

  • Lovey Fleming

    You ARE a bond girl! Dangerously beautiful!!! So in love with this MIRACULOUS post~



  • such a beauty


  • Kamara H

    Insanely beautiful! Your cheekbones are killer, and so is that magnificent dress <3


  • Daniela Porcescu

    Doina you are so gorgeous. First, I tought this is a shooting for a famous magazine, then I read in comments that is not :))) What can I say, Daniel is a pro.