Special Gift.


When it comes to online shopping, Net-a-Porter is certainly a winner. I’ve always admired how accurately they deal with every order and how fast they ship it. Not to mention the variety you don’t usually get on the internet, and the best online sales… But to be honest, the best feeling you get from receiving gifts from Net-a-Porter. Like in this case, these Christian Louboutin beauties. And those it’s snowing in Milan (so frustrating!), I truly hope I get to wear them during these fashion weeks.

Thanks a lot, Net-a-Porter!! x

IMG_9647loubsnet IMG_9666loubsnet



  • awesome!!!!
    they are beautiful!

  • Mira

    Felicitari!!!Sunt foarte deosebiti.

  • Lucky girl 🙂 Perfect shoes!

    Are you next week on Paris Fashioon Week too?

  • Beautiful! Perfect Cinderella shoes:D

  • Michelle


  • Just an opinion

    U must spend a lot of cash on net-a-porter to receive such an expensive gift. Hah, spoiled kids these days…

  • Wowww, gorgeous pair <3 I want them!
    Can't wait for seing the look!
    by Marta Antolínez.

  • What a wonderful gift! You may be really exaited about it!
    Have fun at Milano Fashion Week!
    Here is my last post about Madrid Fashion Weeek!


  • Veronica

    Bravo Doina!!!Esti foarte apreciata si impresii placute in Milano!!

  • Doina Ciobanu

    No, it’s actually because we work together 🙂

  • They are gorgeous!! You are a lucky girl.

  • Anda

    So beautiful shoes!!!!!!!!

  • I envy you!

  • amazing shoes!! love them <33


  • amazing shoes!! love them <33


  • Love this red!

    Hi! I’m an editor @

  • Alessia

    Love, love, love!!!!

  • So lucky! I wish I can gifts like that! Hope you’re rocking them well at MFW!

  • those are some killer heels!

  • oooh i just registred your new blog coat – well done dear!! plus these shoes, lucky you ♥

  • OMG – totally beautiful shoes and totally agree with you about ordering shoes at Net-a-porter. When I order my “special” shoes, Net-a-porter is always the first place to look at and shipping is real quick (also if you have to return them and change to different size… without problems…) Hope you will enjoy your new Louboutins…

    Giveaway: –> Win a Pair of new Christian Louboutin shoes <–

    Vanessa –

  • Алла

    Дойна ты просто молодец.Обувь прекрасна!!!

  • Adorbs!



  • They are lovely!

  • Those Christian Louboutins are too gorgeous!
    Doina, you’re such a lucky girl to be receiving such delightful shoes. I’m sure any girl would be absolutely thrilled to be in your place 🙂

    The heels are so classy and ladylike while also being cheeky and fun with the bright red. From the pictures, it also seems like they’re pretty high so I bet they’ll be a bit of a challenge to walk in. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing you incorporate them into one of your outfits!


  • yeah, I see them everyday.. in my dreams

  • are they comfortable? I mean for the height and pointy toe?