A Special Evening in Aleenta.


Though a lover of black jeans, large shirts and boots, somewhere at the end of my comfort zone, where my inner “lady” takes over, I get the urge to look like one. Feminine, elegant, chic, sensual. Those words always wander through my head, but not always am I ready to listen to them. However, when I do, I’m more likely to be dressed in a gorgeous gown, like this Rhea Costa, on an ordinary day, just feeling fabulous. I can’t deny loving the feeling this whole “dress-up” thing gives me. It makes my heart start beating faster; all the eyes around analyzing me make me question if I love or hate myself in those moments; the adrenaline, pumping through my veins, make me euphorically dizzy; while everything my brain does is send me visual messages of breath-taking balls, where I waltz with a handsome stranger wearing a mask… Now I think I went too far with that, though dreaming is never bad.

One of those moments occurred while I was staying at Aleenta Phuket. The ocean, pink sunsets, relaxing music and Piña Coladas… that kind of atmosphere can inspire anyone, especially considering that the Luxe Nomad has such good offers that everyone can have the dream vacation. Ah, i think I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight…





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Photos by Fashionising

  • wonderful !!!!!!!

  • Wow! Perfect dress! So elegant!


  • Wow beautiful! Love the stunning maxi dress.

    xx Mira


  • Love the contrast between bright dress and dark lipstick. stunning!

    Dress To Cook

  • wow! so beautiful photos!


  • Gorgeous! Love the location! x


  • Foarte Frumoasa!

  • Thia Padilla

    Gorgeous dress and stunning pictures…. Greetings from Colombia

  • Don’t worry, I have those kinda daydreams too 🙂


  • marina

    You look divinal ! I love it

  • Lovely set up – it’s such a change in the quality of the photos in only a few months (for the better off course) 🙂 xx


  • love the dress! it’s so fab

  • I love this dress. This can´t be more beautiful or feminine!

  • the dress is amazing love this pictures as well amazing Doina <3
    VIrgit xXx
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  • Jane


  • beautiful dress

  • Carmen Henry

    These photos are amazing. That dress is lovely 🙂


  • beautiful dress you look amazing! Great photos and location

    Hayley xx

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  • adriana

    Indeed stunning!!

  • Elegant!