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St. Tropez, France




These photos are quite outdated, as we took them during our stay in Saint Tropez. But with all my latest trips, I somehow got lost in thousands of photos and they totally flew out of my mind. However, I don’t think the date matters if it’s something beautiful, and to me sunset + sheer = perfection.

Jessica Choay is spoiling me again with her sensual designs, and I can never resist the temptation to wear them. Especially in such a relaxed ambiance like the one in Saint Tropez.

Since I returned to London we’ve been working on a lot of projects, and I have many exciting news to come soon. But for now, I’ll just try to deal with the excitement I’m experiencing on my own…

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doina ciobanu saint tropez_

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  • Wow sexy and stunning total black look!

    xx Mira

  • stunning

  • It’s never too late for beautiful images. That is a gorgeous dress.

  • super love the dress..

  • you look absolutely fantastic. adore the photos

  • Magnifique <3
    Saskia! xo

  • Eлена

    Дойна ты как всегда шикарна!Не могу налюбоваться!!!

  • Jovana

    Absolutely the best photos!The dress is perfect<3

  • love the dress.amazing pictures

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  • beautiful!

  • Patricia

    Wonderful dress!Gorgeous pics!!

  • Ador pozele, lumina este perfecta!!
    Tu esti finuta si delicata, love it!

  • Very lovely shots.

  • Foarte fina si eleganta

  • nat

    wow love this look!

  • beautiful

  • Jane

    Wooow…Wonderful photos!You look fabulous!

  • I love that your title is inspired by Game of Thrones! Needless to say, you look stunning as always! Loving that earpiece.

  • beautiful dress

  • Stunning <3