Societe Cerebrossa GIVEAWAY.

Societe Cerebrossa

I met  M e d i n e  from Pret-a-Protester during my first Paris Fashion Week (it’s been only a year, but feels like eternity…)
I’ve always like her own ways of being different: 1. her name- Medine, what a beautiful
                                                                           and unusual name!

                                                                        2. her very tanned skin, which reminds 
                                                                            me of a latino beauty!

                                                                        3. her unusual spiritual energy, which 
                                                                            makes you love her from the very 
                                                                            first sight  

“We are a secret Society, willing not to divulge our identities – unless they are unmasked.”   

claiming this, Medine and the other members of “the secret society” of connoisseurs of beauty, found a group of people < Societe Cerebrossa > fond by mysticism, symbolism and superstitions.

“In times when ideas spread with the speed of light, when inspiration reveals to anybody that prays for it, when innovation has multiple authors, when accessibility exceeds its own boundaries – we are born as a quiet Jewellery-Atelier, cloned from the genes of the true Illuminati.”

The purpose of  S o c i e t e   C e r e b r o s s a   is to bring amulettes that have been long lost by the ordinary human civilization. Luck, gold, bones, protection, silver, crystals, silk, good-spells, wood, rhodium and a strong union between cultures of different continents are the magical ingredients of the Cerebrossa jewellery. 

Together with Societe Cerebrossa, we have decided to offer the readers of The Golden Diamonds 
blog, the opportunity to win a symbol of protection, pure (fairy-dust) magic and love. 

Societe Cerebrossa

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( dead – line   M o n d a y, the  1 7 t h  of  S e p t e m b e r  )