How to look fabulous in the flash. The Smokey Nudes Edition.

Alicante, Spain

Wearing a Stylestalker dress and Christian Louboutin heels

You’ve always known me to be a follower of the natural, makeup free look, not bothered by the everyday issues girls normally have in the morning. I can’t deny the fact that the lack of makeup products in my daily routine was always mostly because I have a pretty good skin naturally.Why trouble with that when you don’t need hide or correct anything?

Sine I moved to London a few months ago, my lifestyle has completely changed. The taking photos and blogging from home working schedule I used to have is now only  20% of my routine, because everything else has gone into offline. Meetings, events, shootings for magazines and campaigns, a full new world of opportunities and responsibilities has opened to me; and with that, the new responsibility to always look at my best… Or at least on the biggest days.

Suddenly the makeup I was seeing as a method to hide a girl’s imperfections became a way to enhance a girl’s features. So I started working on my beauty skills, because as much you want to be natural, the camera flashes of Getty photographers will highlight things you can’t even see in real life. Seriously, I don’t like that flash!

But then I’ve never particularly liked makeup artists doing the job for me. I know it might sound strange, since they are meant to know every single type of face shape, eyes, nose, lips, and only highlight your good features. I don’t know about you, girls, but so often I feel like I end up looking worse after makeup than before it! Unacceptable.

Since so many of you have been asking me about my favourite beauty looks and products, I want to share with you one of my own personal favourites. I tried Bobbi Brown for the first time a while ago, and was more than pleased with the quality. But when the Smokey Nudes campaign with Kate Upton came out, I knew that was something I had to get. Going back to what I was saying about understanding your features, I’ve always seen the smokey style, after the casual eyeliner look, the best makeup for me. I have big dark eyes, which is mostly the only feature I like in myself, and the smokey eyes style makes them really stand out. And who needs a makeup artist when you have the free Ask Bobbi app where you can get tips on full “How to’s” on any part of your face.

         Recreate my look:

       ·   Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

        ·   Sandstone Shimmer Brick

     ·    Creamy Matte Lip Color

       ·    Smokey Eye Mascara

        ·   Smokey Eye Kajal Liner



BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-38

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-9

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-10

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-6

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-24

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-30

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-collage

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-21

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-34

BobbiBrown Smokey Nudes doina ciobanu-29


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • That’s what I like about your blog! You’re so personal. 🙂

  • Pretty outfit 🙂

  • I completely agree! When makeup artists do my makeup, I often feel like they don’t really understand my eye shape, or lip shape, and make me look unlike myself. Definitely more comfortable doing my own makeup.

    You look really great with a smokey eye!

  • I love the fact that usually you’re not wearing that much make up! 🙂

  • Sim

    The last photo is my favourite! 🙂

  • Beautiful pictures and amazing make-up! Love the upper(bustier-) part of the dress. x

  • you look so gorgeous!

  • Alexandra

    I love Bobbi Brown and this make up are fantastic,love it!

  • Yeah, beautiful make-up!

  • I love the smokey eye makeup on you! Gorgeous x

  • So pretty! Makeup is definitely best used when it’s enhancing our best features.

  • beautiful post!

  • wow! great pictures, cute outfit, you look great as well.