A week in bed.

Paris, France



Edited: Since I wrote this post about 2 days ago, horrible things have happened. I normally wouldn’t write about it on my blog, just because I think fashion is the beautiful little world where we can escape from all those worries and awful things. Everyone is talking about it already, everyone is sad and destroyed and angry about it, but bad things happen every single day in the world, brought by natural forces or by human hand. There is always earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, shootings, plane crashes, accidents, if we start bringing those horrible things into every single part of our life would we actually have a life to carry on with? I think everyone should respect other people’s privacy and right to moan and grief in silence without any “show” of it; as well as people who choose to ignore it and cary on with their life just because they don’t want to be torn apart by every single sad event happening in this huge world filled with 7 billion people. You know I hate talking about my feelings, it’s even hard for me to do it with people closest to me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have them. That being said, I decided that since that post was actually shot in Paris, it felt strange not to mention it. So I would like to send my love to everyone, not just people in Paris, but people across France, people across the world, anyone scared and anyone sad. Be strong and have hope, for without hope there is no point in waiting for tomorrow.

Apologies for the lack of news out here on my blog, but I have spent the past week in bed feeling very ill. My lungs are still weak and it is hard to breathe, and I am hating this whole situation more and more everyday. It is utterly frustrating to have to keep cancelling meetings, shootings, appointments; makes me feel like I’ve lost control of my life. But life does go on as well as my intense consumption of garlic, ginger and Sauerkraut.

The goal right now is to boost my immunity back… I would say back to what it was at the end of summer, as Autumn didn’t just bring cold weather and viruses but also too much travelling and work load for me to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle (eating, sleeping, exercising). On Tuesday we are leaving for Switzerland for a mega exciting project with Jimmy Choo, so I have to be back in shape before I get on the plane again, because there is nothing worse then spending your Winter Holidays in bed… believe me, I did that last year.
doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-4

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-2

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit collage

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-14

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-6

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-16

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-7

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-9

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-15

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit-11

doina ciobanu skirt over shirt dress bordeaux outfit


  • Lovey Fleming

    I love your opinions and your beautiful voice. I am so glad you mentioned the events in Paris on your blog, since I know it is a city so close to your heart. Congratulations on your magnificent collaborations to come, and please never let the terrors of the world break your lovely, enlightening spirit.

    Much admiration and love,


  • Darling this is so beautiful!
    Love everything about this outfit.



  • oooh doina !!! remember the red over the knee boots i didnt like ? well…these are just an opposite !!! LOVE THESE ! it all looks very nice and sexy on you 🙂 you really are diva indeed ! beautiful woman


  • Sa te faci bine! Ai grija de tine!

  • Hope you feel better soon!


  • Catarina Neves

    Amazing look, love it!

  • Great look!

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  • Wow, you are so sexy with this look!



  • Nesrin

    I totally agree with you! Hope you get well very soon. Love your skirt.



  • lucia Anghel

    Sanatatea trebuie pretuita si alegerile de gen vegan sau alte chestii care nu sunt firesti distrug metabolismul. Dar fiecare cu propriile sale alegeri. Dupa 10 ani de medicina realizez ca lumea refuza sa fie corect informata.

  • what an idea


  • Ollyvia Laura

    lovely <3

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  • Absolute perfection this look!


  • Juanpa Gil Lopez

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