Satellite Mask



The mountains and an old shooting of mine (see HERE), inspired me to take these photographs. The mask
is the one I used for the New Year Masquerade, while the dress is a precious vintage item designed
by Georges Rech. I am totally charmed by this mountain forest light, which really reminds me of
“Twilight” and Ana Marina’s song, which had been my rington for over a year, “Satellite Heart”…
Have a magical week, loves 


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  1. beryl   |     |   Reply

    can’t get over how stunning these photos are!xx,

  2. Plami   |     |   Reply

    Magic <3XoXoPlami

  3. Brigita   |     |   Reply

    Love these masks. I bought a dozen of them when I were in Venice. They are so feminine!Also, like the outfit! Brigita

  4. Sophia   |     |   Reply

    wow, you’re such a beauty xx

  5. Bri   |     |   Reply

    The photos are just amazing.Beautiful mask, too.xx

  6. Britt+Whit   |     |   Reply

    Ooooh love these shots in the woods with the snow and mask! too perfect!love from San Francisco,Britt+Whit

  7. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    So fantastic and ethereal. x

  8. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    WOW really beautiful pictures! :))

  9. Irene Buffa   |     |   Reply

    love it!u look greatCHANEL GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY

  10. Ishara   |     |   Reply

    the mask is stunning, and it does somthing weirdly beautiful to your face

  11. Philippa   |     |   Reply

    Nice series of photos, I expecially love the

  12. fourseasonstogo   |     |   Reply

    Really nice mask and your dress is stunning!

  13. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    wow! this is so amazing!!

  14. Tanja van S -   |     |   Reply

    Lovely mask and amazing outfit… really wonderful!Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

  15. Melanie Fangting   |     |   Reply

    This photoshoot is magical! The mask is so beautiful and I love how the dress is simple, but chic and sexy at the same time. Stunning look, dear!xoxoMelanieThe Bookish Fashionista

  16. Polly   |     |   Reply

    amazing photo))you’re so beautiful!)xox, Polly

  17. Fashion is for idiots [like us]   |     |   Reply

    Oh Beautiful!Mystic & stunning pictures.. the bright mask lightens up everything!xfashion is for idiots [like us]

  18. WearAbouts   |     |   Reply

    that mask is amazing! I looove the cut of your dress :) <3Rory

  19. Joana   |     |   Reply

    You look beautiful! Gorgeous mask!

  20. Nee   |     |   Reply

    this dress is amazing! so elegant:)Love,NeeROSECANDLE11GIVEAWAY: GOLD/PINK STATEMENT NECKLACE

  21. Fenny   |     |   Reply

    super gorgeous!

  22. We Can Pretend   |     |   Reply

    So happy i found your blog, definitely coming back, loving all your photos! Theres a lot of inspiration here since we have similar styles.

  23. Vanity   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful photo :)

  24. Ioana Liliana   |     |   Reply

    I am in love! Love I tell you!xx

  25. Personal Style   |     |   Reply

    La mascara es divina me encanta.Te muestro en mi Blog el Calendario Fashion Week Madrid – Londres – New York – Milan – Paris.Con los días y los enlaces para estar pendientes.Un fuerte abrazo PersonalStyle.

  26. Emily   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful photos, very striking and elegant!XO, EM

  27. Christy U lam   |     |   Reply

    beautiful mask, you look stunning mystery !!Christy

  28. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    love this twilight mood inspired post :)

  29. Martiniss   |     |   Reply

    Amazing photos, I love them. This mask is incredible :)xoxo

  30. .:mo:.   |     |   Reply

    whaoh! you look amazing!!@mousi

  31. Born on heels   |     |   Reply

    so beautiful and delicate

  32. Ulia Ali   |     |   Reply

    You’re amazing! I fell in love with your blog <3 красавица

  33. mollyeeb   |     |   Reply

    love that mask :)) stunning picture!xx

  34. Satellite Receiver   |     |   Reply

    Amazing photos, I love them. This mask is incredible :)Satellite Receiver