Berlin with Samsung.

Berlin, Germany

I’m not a very active cook, and usually go for the easier omelettes, salads, quinoa, grilled salmon; nothing too complicated that requiers hours spent next to the oven, or precise measurements, and cutting art. No. Not mine.

However, as much as I try to avoid action in the kitchen, I do enjoy spending the time there. Back at home, that is where I would always sit with my mom for a coffee, talking, sharing moments from our lives, making plans for the future, dreaming together. Sometimes one of us would sneak to the fridge and come back with a piece of cake. Yes. Sugar is our 2nd best friend.

So when Samsung invited me to Berlin to be amongst the first people to see and experience the absolutely revolutionary kitchen created in collaboration with some of the best Michelin chefs of the world, I had my suitcase ready in 15mins (not joking actually).

The IFA Conference was an unusual but very interesting experience for me. Being there and seeing the launch of electronics of the future in person is definitely one of those things everyone would love to do at least once in a lifetime. Fridges with compartments of different temperatures for each type of food; ovens that have heating with condensation in order to keep the food soft and juicy; the perfect circumstances to channel your inner chef. As a delicious proof of the efficiency of the new Chef Collection, freshly launched in Europe, we were invited to try some of the most exquisite dishes cooked and created by the Samsung Michelin chefs. To be honest I had no idea what 70% of the food I was eating was, but it tasted so heavenly! Mmm, especially the dark chocolate cake…

I wanted to thank Samsung for the great experience and for offering me the chance to visit a new city that had been on my bucket list for quite a while.

fashion blogger samsung ifa-7

Fashion blogger samsung IFA 3

fashion blogger samsung ifa collage

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Fashion blogger samsung IFA

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fashion blogger samsung ifa-21 fashion blogger samsung ifa-39  Samsung IFA  Fashion blogger samsung IFA 40 fashion blogger samsung ifa-8

Photos: Shini Park and myself

  • Berlin looks incredible 🙂

  • Jul

    Nice photos! Amazing trip!

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    xx Mira

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  • Michelin star dining is truly something else, isn’t it? But in all honesty, I think I need that fridge in my life for my next house!

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  • Sim

    Amazing photos! 🙂

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