Royal Garden Party.


 ( Kristina Dragomir head piece, Rhea Costa dress and bow, Celine clutch, Christian Dior flats)

      A while ago I had the honor to attend the Royal Garden Party, organized by the royal romanian family, to celebrate King Mihai’s Birthday. I didn’t know about this event when I left for Bucharest, so my outfit was a pure improvisation + help of my romanian friends with the clothes and accessories, as I didn’t have anything suitable for an event like this. For you to understand, here is the dress code:

  • The dress/skirt suit should cover the shoulders and knees.
  • No black outfit.
  • No heels/platforms.
  • Wear a head piece
  • Have a royal mood and attitude

Ok the last one is something I added, but I think it’s pretty important. Being a perfectionist, I did my best trying to follow the dressing etiquette, but still the decision is yours, guys! Did I pass??

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Photos by Mauvert and Fashionising.


  • wow! very beautiful!

  • soooooooooo cute !!! 🙂

  • you look sooo cute!

  • Yes, you was perfect!!!!!

  • beautiful dress <3

  • ce dragute sunteti toate cu tinutele astea!

  • lovely dress 🙂

  • Wow! You look amazing!:)

  • You look so pretty. I love the head piece.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  • So cute! Beautiful dress and pretty womans!

  • you’re gorgeous!

  • Deborah

    What amazing dress!


  • Adriana

    Chiar asteptam sa vad mai multe poze de la acest eveniment. Ai facut alegerea perfecta cu rochia, iar palaria e atat de draguta <3

  • you look like a little princess, really cute and classy! the headpiece is a masterpiece! <3

  • The Fashion Fraction

    you look so cute and pretty darling

  • Magdalena

    Gorgeous dress! you look really beautiful and natural!!!

  • beautiful

  • You look really beautiful!

  • Cristina

    Salut! Iti urmaresc postarile si imi e foarte placut ceea ce vad – mereu! Simt ca voi doi in poza a 3-ea emanati atita caldura, nu am fost acolo, dar ceea ce vad e perfect. In instagram mai bine se vede! :* Succes si realizari globale!

  • Great!!

  • you did great job with your outfit!

  • gorgeous outfit, i think you followed the code quite well! Strange code i think but oh well!

    Hayley xx

  • You totally did! Actually I love your outfit the most out of the ones I see here (:

  • Kari Redmond

    Hi There I will be going to a royal garden party in Bucharest on may 10th. Would love some advice for how to dress. I am backpacking eastern Europe, and like you, did not plan on this party, though am thrilled about it. How formal should the dress be and how fancy the shoes? Thanks for your help- Kari