Royal Garden Party


 ( Kristina Dragomir head piece, Rhea Costa dress and bow, Celine clutch, Christian Dior flats)

      A while ago I had the honor to attend the Royal Garden Party, organized by the royal romanian family, to celebrate King Mihai’s Birthday. I didn’t know about this event when I left for Bucharest, so my outfit was a pure improvisation + help of my romanian friends with the clothes and accessories, as I didn’t have anything suitable for an event like this. For you to understand, here is the dress code:

  • The dress/skirt suit should cover the shoulders and knees.
  • No black outfit.
  • No heels/platforms.
  • Wear a head piece
  • Have a royal mood and attitude

Ok the last one is something I added, but I think it’s pretty important. Being a perfectionist, I did my best trying to follow the dressing etiquette, but still the decision is yours, guys! Did I pass??

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Photos by Mauvert and Fashionising.


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  1. Viktoria   |     |   Reply

    wow! very beautiful!

  2. carol   |     |   Reply

    soooooooooo cute !!! :)

  3. Somebody from Somewhere   |     |   Reply

    you look sooo cute!

  4. HannoverFashion   |     |   Reply

    Yes, you was perfect!!!!!

  5. Kinga   |     |   Reply

    beautiful dress <3

  6. Andra Dorolti   |     |   Reply

    ce dragute sunteti toate cu tinutele astea!

  7. be cool   |     |   Reply

    lovely dress :)

  8. Ksenia   |     |   Reply

    Wow! You look amazing!:)

  9. Joana   |     |   Reply

    You look so pretty. I love the head piece.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  10. Žaneta   |     |   Reply

    So cute! Beautiful dress and pretty womans!

  11. Rhoda Wong   |     |   Reply

    you’re gorgeous!

  12. Deborah   |     |   Reply

    What amazing dress!


  13. Adriana   |     |   Reply

    Chiar asteptam sa vad mai multe poze de la acest eveniment. Ai facut alegerea perfecta cu rochia, iar palaria e atat de draguta <3

  14. Karolina   |     |   Reply

    you look like a little princess, really cute and classy! the headpiece is a masterpiece! <3

  15. The Fashion Fraction   |     |   Reply

    you look so cute and pretty darling

  16. Magdalena   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous dress! you look really beautiful and natural!!!

  17. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply


  18. Yana   |     |   Reply

    You look really beautiful!

  19. Cristina   |     |   Reply

    Salut! Iti urmaresc postarile si imi e foarte placut ceea ce vad – mereu! Simt ca voi doi in poza a 3-ea emanati atita caldura, nu am fost acolo, dar ceea ce vad e perfect. In instagram mai bine se vede! :* Succes si realizari globale!

  20. Pilis's Style   |     |   Reply

    you did great job with your outfit!

  21. Hayley   |     |   Reply

    gorgeous outfit, i think you followed the code quite well! Strange code i think but oh well!

    Hayley xx

  22. Lydia   |     |   Reply

    You totally did! Actually I love your outfit the most out of the ones I see here (: