What happened and why I’ve disappeared.

New York, United States



So, what do I start with… Why I haven’t posted and where I’ve been and what’s happened. Well, I will start with why I haven’t been posting, which I haven’t actually talked about anywhere. On my last trip to Los Angeles with Tommy Hilfiger I somehow lost my Hard drive. Now, this might appear as nothing out of ordinary or life changing, but that’s not the case. My HD had EVERYTHING. And I mean E V E R Y T H I N G. All the content I’ve been creating for the past few years, entire editorials we’ve shot for magazines, loads of videos from my trip to the Seychelles and Mauritius and skiing and I’m not even getting into the part with all Daniel’s and my private details like Passport copies and private information, etc etc etc. Luckily it had a password, so it would take someone quite a bit of headache to hack. Why didn’t I have a back up? I DON’T KNOW. I had a second HD waiting for that long lasting back up, but why i didn’t do it, I’ve been asking myself that question for the past 2 months. I can’t actually quite explain what a big privacy hit this is, knowing that someone can be looking through 1TB of private files of mine strips away all my confidence and security, especially after my whole stalker situation back home (that’s another story).

Every time I was opening my blog the idea of all those files being in someone else’s hands would feel even more real, so I’ve pretty much ended up ignoring my blog altogether and delaying dealing with the reality. Do you ever get that? You just don’t want to get into a topic or open that email in hope that it will just go away? But it doesn’t, and adults just have to swallow it and move on.

And that’s what I’m doing.

After dozens of emails and calls both to the Chateau Marmont and American Airlines, the only 2 places I could have lost it, I am crossing that part of my life out (1TB Seagate Hard Drive no.1).

And to celebrate a new chapter with a new Hard Drive I’m sharing with you some lucky photos that were saved on it, back from our trip to New York with Dior.

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Oh no! It’s a pure headache when you lost something, let alone a “life drive”. I hope all will work out for you, at least there is a password to your important file. 🙂
    Best of luck to you!

    💋LA BIJOUX BELLA💋 | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Welcome back <3

  • YES IT IS! Thank you xx

  • Happy to be back haha x

  • Love your jacket!

  • Isabelle

    I understand the pain of losing your drive, not only because it has happened to me (my computer HD was lost in an earthquake), but also to my sister (her camera and SD memories were lost in a trip to Argentina)… I think is because we think of it as losing memories, and that’s is painful. I hope that someday the person that took your drive will return it to you.

  • Louis Dupond

    To avoid any worries in case of lost/theft … encrypt your hard drive … not only with one password but encrypt all datas on it … of course have a backup or even more at other location … it won’t replace the one you lost but …. lessons learned is very important 😉

    Nice look and shoes by the way 😉


  • Michelle K. Lee

    hope it all works out for you! great images as always btw 🙂