Posh Sunday.

A Sunday Morning at the French Bakery

Just like any other pathological perfectionist with a permanent desire for beauty and pleasure, V & I wake up on a normal Sunday morning, with a desperate need to get all fancy and have a 9 fabulous day (on a 1-10 rating scale, because a waiter is always going to be too lazy, a croissant- not freshly baked, a coffee- cold and a dozen of drivers- very rude).
How do we fulfill our strong craving? Here are some short instructions for you, miladies!

– A 5min meditation in the morning
– Look in the mirror and say “Oh how pretty am I today!”
– Find your best dress and for an absolute indulgence, put on some statement jewellery! 
– Take a walk to the closest bakery
– Order half of the Menu! On such a day, there is no point in counting the calories, we’re gonna think about them tomorrow!
– Instagraming- wonderful way to have fun!
– Make trip-plans for the next year
– Art is always a good idea! Admire the works of some local painters

I think I’ve forgotten something….

– Oh of course!! The most important fact- YOUR BFF!


The French Lunch [ Must Have- wine ] 

Who can understand us better and ourselves?

– Buy yourself some flowers
– Get a bottle of wine ( V& I recommend Merlot)
– Laugh, laugh and laugh again… and once again very loudly and stupidly when none’s looking!
– Have a delicious=healthy lunch with rucola, cherry & parmesan


(almost the french)“Athenaeum” elegance

This might sound cliche…. Jeez, it already does, haha! But yes, I know you’ve heard it one thousand times from everyone, and especially if you’ve never tried it that sounds even more uninteresting, BUT, Paris does own our hearts! 
In this situation what can be more inspiring than visiting the roman-french inspired, very aristocratic and sophisticated building in the center of Bucharest- the “Athenaeum”.

– Be super confident in high-heels and pretend you’re a princess (or just a very successful woman), and rock those stairs!
– Play with your hair in the wind, childish=full of life
– Start singing random songs and watch your BFF dancing, who’s doing that just to make you feel like a wonderful singer
– Run around with the photographer’s light reflector
– Instagram again!
– Start remembering the whole day, and realize it’s become an actual 10/10 day!
– Sincerely thank the skies for having a best friend (crazy just like you)
– Make a pinky-promise this day is going to become a tradition
– Keep your promise!


d2 (1)diverodress


Photos: Mike Quyen
Dresses: DiVero


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  • I’ve been following you blog almost like a year, and I actually saw ALL the posts in your blog, since the first to this even though I’m following you only like for a year, the point is that this is actually my favorite post ever!You’re my favorite blogger, think you have a lovely and unique style, I also think you’re smart and a really sweet person even I don’t know you in person, but it seems like you’re really sweet.Love the dresses your BFF and you wore for this post, they’re totally PERFECT, love the maxi-dresses but I’m to small to wear it, anyway you both look fantastic on it! And the instructions sounds really fun and relaxing.

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  • Sunt superbe rochiile si voi sunteti asa frumoase!

  • Anonymous

    lumea creata in jurul tau este o poveste, o minune…nu altceva…esti foarte bravo!!!

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  • This is the best post you have ever done on your blog, Doina! I loved reading every single line of the wonderful text and imagined the two of you having great fun together! You can be proud of such a lovely best friend! ♥ fashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

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  • Sanda

    Pozele sunt frumoase,fetele splendide!!!Doina esti bravo,ador blogul tau!

  • Sanda

    Pozele sunt frumoase,fetele splendide!!!Doina esti bravo,ador blogul tau!

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