PFW. Day 4.


I bought this beautiful fabric during my trip to Thailand last Autumn. All my friends know how obsessed I am with Asian cultures, from India to Japan, everything inspires and fascinates me so much. In my free time I like to study about the asian history, traditions, lifestyle, art, music… Unfortunately I’ve only visited Thailand, therefore I can’t get a deep understanding of the philosophy of that region, even if it feels really close to my heart.

I have this, well let’s say “tradition”, buy something that represents the country I travel to, especially when speaking about as different from the European cultures as Thailand. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the Thai silk, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and quality textiles on the market. I had known that when I went there, but it’s one thing to touch it and see it in real life. That is why I ended up with a whole Thai Suit and this beautiful fabric. In India, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia,  elephants are believed to be sacred, that is why I loved it from the second I saw it. Had NO IDEA what I would get out of it, but decided it would look nice as an Indian coat. I was so exhausted after two fashion weeks that I was feeling I needed a break, so these Gianvito Rossi boots were the best (most comfortable) decision!


I was wearing:

coat from Thai fabrics
Gianvito Rossi
Celine bag


  • I remember when I recently went to Thailand, I fell in love with the thai fabrics and prints, especially those with the elephant motif. I love that you’ve made your material into a coat, amazing!

    x karen

  • Carol

    Wow i love your coat:)))

  • The coat is absolutely fabulous, I just love the print!

  • Este minunat paltonul!

  • Lovely coat, very impressive, just did an oufit in my own personal range promoted amongst a small group, and got the fabric from Cambodia, very similar- would love to show it in a post soon!

  • amazing coat!

  • what a unique statement coat!

  • Andrea

    Doina,ador acest palton,esti foarte ingenioasa!!!

  • That coat is incredibly beautiful.

  • Deborah

    Great coat!


  • I like your coat !!! Actually im not big fan of Asia style clothes, but your coat I would wear too:)))

  • Soni

    You look adorable Doina!!

  • Such a lovely coat!

  • awesome look dear!
    love this coat very much!!

  • thats a gorgeous fabric and pattern!

    Hayley xx

  • Love your bag!

  • Always perfect <3
    by Marta Antolínez.

  • e foarte frumos, si mai ales usor de asortat 🙂

  • pfff incredible! Do you sew your clothes by yourself?

  • This outfit is perfection! Love how you took a traditional piece of material and made it into such a modern piece. You’re really good!

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