PFW: Day 2.


Guys, you won’t believe what happened to me the day I was wearing tis outfit! 
It was the second day of fashion week, the “Dior” day, one of those marked with a red market in the calendar, where you can see celebrities, super stylish people, beautiful clothing, TV-hosts and many others… Well on that day, I dressed up in one of my favorite suits, in those beautiful Charlotte Olympia shoes, with my brand-new mini Marcie bag. 

When we arrived at Dior and got out the camera to take photos, we discovered there was actually no memory card inside!! Can you imagine that?? I don’t know if there are people less concentrated than I am. I have been forgetting about  e v e r y t h i n g  lately! To get all dressed up, in super high heels to a show, with the primar priority to take photos, and to wake up with no memory card inside the camera, that’s totally crazy! That’s why I didn’t take any photos there, but at least when I was already leaving, I met my friend Craig (from Altamira NYC) who just saved my life… ok “day” to be me more specific, buy borrowing me one of his cards. I was so disappointed at that moment, actually thinking about just going home and not taking any photos at all, so thank you so much, Craig, you saved me!!

I was wearing: 

skirt suit of my design with Miu Miu textile 
bag from Chloe
shoes from Charlotte Olympia

Kisses & hugs from Paris! 
D x
  • This is gorgeous Doina, what an amazing design and love the red accessories xx

  • Stunning! Amazing dress!!!;))

  • You look so perfectly holiday cutesy Doina!As soon as I saw these photos, I couldn’t stop screaming a little bit inside. Peppermints!That dress/skirt suit that you’re wearing is soooo cool. I love the elegant structure as well as the perky peppermint pattern on it. It definitely reminds me of winter and Christmas, which is pretty much the best time ever! :)Adding on to the jolly holiday spirit, I love that you paired your Charlotte Olympia shoes with that skirt suit. The bright red is so vivid and fun, definitely adding an extra element of happiness to your cute outfit.That adorable new Chloe bag of yours just completes the look! Red and peppermints combine to create a look that definitely gets me in the mood to sing Christmas carols! :DI’m terribly sorry to hear that you forgot your memory card though! Good thing your friend Craig was able to lend you one so that you could take lots of lovely photos. A round of applause for Craig!!If it makes you feel any better though, Doina, I’m super forgetful, too! I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve left things behind or just completely forgotten about appointments. That’s just a part of life though! We learn to live with it, we learn from our mistakes, and then we move on as wiser people!I hope you’re having a marvelous time at Paris Fashion Week! <3~AliceAinfinitaire

  • I´m really sorry to hear that! But this stuff happens when you don´t need it at all in the most important days..:/I love your outfit! I really adore, that it´s your own design.

  • Elena

    Esti superba!!Acest costum este foarte original si te prinde de minune.Te felicit pentru cea ce faci la anii tai,cind la unele le zboara mintile ,tu faci ca Moldova sa fie auzita.

  • Very beautiful dress… looks very wonderful..New giveaway: –> Win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes <--Vanessa – * My Youtube Videos

  • i did that sometimes,too!!!just so mad at myself when i found out!!!haha

  • gorgeous dress!xx

  • i did that sometimes, too!!!i was soooooo mad at myself when i found out!!haha

  • Nee

    wow you always look so super chic! what a luck you got to do some photos, this outfit is gorgeous and it’s just a must-see!:)

  • Angeli

    Super chic!!!

  • These pictures are so beautiful! and the pattern of your suit is fantastic!!Desislva

  • woww !!xoxo

  • you look amazing as always! <3

  • This dress is seriously amazing!! Statement Necklace GIVEAWAY

  • Like that suits! Classy and Chic!Please visit my blog!

  • pur si simplu…adorabila !

  • Agnes

    You look very pretty !!!

  • Agnes

    You look very pretty !!!

  • Mady

    I love your style !!!

  • spectacular pics baby. you are incrediblefranNEW LOOK: STORM

  • That Miu Miu suit is just mind-blowing!!! I like how it suits to your body 🙂 Sparkle On The Floor

  • you are rocking that dress, girl. lovehttp://www.vasilievablog.comx

  • <33 WOW

  • I love that suit!! It is such a cute print (gotta love Miu Miu) and you designed it so well! That stinks about your memory card, but at least you got to capture some photos of your outfit! :)

  • Such a cute suit….you look stunning!FASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEW

  • Wow, wondeful photos and those shoes are to die for! :)

  • Wow, wonderful photos and those shoes are to die for! :)

  • Your look was one the best in this fashion week! <3 So nice! Marta Antolínez.

  • such a gorgeous outfit! THat suit is so stunning and omg im still in love with those shoes! <3 Hayley xx

  • I don’t know what’s sweeter: candy or you. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Did you mean *miu miu inspired textile*? I cant imagine any fashion houses just selling their textiles …?

  • the print is amazing! great work :)xxhttp://www.pretpenser.com

  • Such a darling dress!

  • Deni

    Super chic!!!

  • I adore this dress – such a cute candy print!

  • OMG love your suit!!!

  • I am in awe of your dress. And your face for that matter. Divine!The Lovelorn

  • Ai un blog super dragut si felicitari pentru toata munca pe care o depui!

  • Даша

    Ты просто шикарная!!!Так держать.

  • perfect outfit! you are a stunner! love the charlote shoes!

  • So sad for you ! It also happens to me one time . I was so angry…

  • sounds hectic but love your outfit!

  • such a pretty outfit! you look fabulous!

  • the length of the dress is perfect! u look gorgeous!

  • Such a great print- I love the dress!

  • hmm,,,a very careless event taking pictures with no memory… :(but you’re look so cute doina, I’m so in love with the details of your miu-miiu…love always,saphira-t

  • great outfit! LOVE the dress and the shoes!

  • wow! you look gorgeous here!!

  • great outfit!

  • Mara

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • This suit you made is truely delicious:) love it!

  • Gorgeous dress and style !!

  • Anonymous

    and here you are ! 1:29

  • OMG! LOVE THE CANDY DRESS! Where’s it from? Hi! I’m an editor @!