PFW. Day 1.


When I arrived in Paris, I realized that the cold weather that i’d experienced in Milan was  actually “spring” compared to the french situation. I had already caught  a cold in Italy, and was desperately trying to get better. Bought lots of medications, but nothing helped me. Therefore, on my first day of fashion week, to the Ann Demeulemeester show, I had to dress as warm as I could, thanks to my mom who’d brought really warm clothes!

Now about the sunglasses that a local shop Lookfresh, offered me to wear for fashion week. I loved them from the minute I saw them, because their shape reminded me of my favorite Celine Audrey sunglasses. They have a retro twist, which was exactly what I needed for this look, and the black color makes them the perfect choice for nearly every outfit.

photos thanks to Fashionising and StockholmStreetstyle

I was wearing:

mink fur
Zara turtleneck shirt
Massimo Dutti sweater
Pierre Balmain vintage scarf
Casadei boots
Gucci belt
Celine bag
Dolce and Gabbana sunnies from LookFresh


  • i just saw this on stockholm streetstyle and i think you looked amazing babe !! totally great matched ♥

  • I like that style!

  • I saw you on this day in Paris 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  • Очень красиво!

  • U R a ☆ !

  • irina

    I love Fashion and you are very very good to it,really congratulations! but honestly when i saw your first look at fashion week ,made me think of all those animals that were killed for that…when you are wearing that, don’t you think you are wearing all those killed lifes on you?Just for showing what?i think fashion is more than this.stop wearing any way.

  • You are looking just awesome! Love all the accessories specially Celine bag.

  • Marina

    Ador si eu acest look!!!Doina, fata de cei ce scriu comentarii negative,fii indiferenta.Eu consider ca fiecare decide ce sa poarte,daca nu le este pe plac,pot trece cu vederea,nu dar ei sunt prea rautaciosi si ca niste lupi flaminzi numai asteapta sa comenteze.Stii te stimez si apreciez pentru ce faci,dar si pentru educatia pe care o ai.Te urmaresc de mult timp,dar niciodata nu am vazut sa fii rautacioasa sau sa critici pe cineva,avem nevoie de oameni pozitivi si profesionalisti ,nu de cei ce scriu numai mizerie.Multa bafta!!!

  • I just sow the photo on stockholm street style and switched quick to your site to see the full post! The boots are just amazing!

  • Nancy

    You look so chic and adorable!!!


  • Deborah

    Coolest look ever!


  • Eva

    Stii Marina chiar ai dreptate:fiecare decide ce sa imbrace dar daca o persoana iubeste animalele si critica blana pentru tine e o persoana rautacioasa?si eu o urmaresc pe Doina de mult timp si intr-adevar e o persoana foarte educata si ma inspira calmul cu care se exprima si profesionalismul cu care se evidentiaza,dar crede-ma cind critic blana pe care o poarta nu sint nici o secunda un ”lup flamind ”cum te-ai exprimat tu mai sus.Stii,fiecare are dreptul la opinie ,cum si Doina si tu si altii….dar asta nu inseamna ca daca opiniile sint diverse atunci lumea scrie ”mizerie”.Dar daca tie nu iti plac comentariile realiste atunci treci si tu cu vederea dar nu comenta ,pentru ca ele sint ”prea rautacioas de realiste pentru tine cred”.

  • Doina, those boots are killing me !!! they are the ultimate epitome of sexiness <3
    keep walking tall, girl ! 🙂

  • Lucia

    You are beautiful,great style!!!Absolutely love the boots!

  • gorgeous outfit its utterly amazing. Ignore those negative comments about the fur coat do what you want. And dont feel guilty if you spend a fortune on clothes some people dont understand that when you do you are investing in something that you will probably own forever because of the quality

    Hayley xx

  • perfect!
    love this glasses!

    please visit my last post and make some cliks to links!
    I’ll be very pleased to you;)

  • Silvia

    Amazing coat and love the boots!!!!

  • I love your fur!!! You look great on it!!!

  • Sara

    Fantastic look!!!

  • When, I saw this post my jaw dropped. You look absolutely stunning and your fur coat is amazing. It’s been years that I wanted a mink coat just like that. This coat is absolutely fabulous, timeless and of course warm, it’s everything that a girl with great taste needs. I’m really sorry that you’re under fire because of this fur coat. I have only one thing to say: Only the person that never have worn or bought a leather bag, shoes, belt, wallet or never ate a hamburger can throw stone on a person that wears fur. The rest of the people are hypocrites that say that they care about the world and the animals, meanwhile all what they do is to bitch beautiful and successful young ladies.
    Also, the lady that started this discussion should go and help to build more shelters for dogs and cats if she wants to help and she needs to stop to be mean to a person that is confident enough to assume her tastes in clothing!

  • Jimmy Yerg – Louisiana USA

    Hello Doina, Sorry to hear about a cold coming down on you. May I make a suggestion to you about a supplement that will help, Grapefruit Seed Extract. Just take 3 to 4 of them every day. Helps a person keep from catching illnesses.
    Also, Not Good to hear people putting you down for your choice of fashion. Doina, I have enjoyed each and everyone of your Blog postings. Very good to see and hear about your travels and your fashion choices. You present fashion in a unique fabulous way.
    take care and keep strong and safe 🙂

  • Francesca

    Great photos!Beautiful and femimine!!!!!

  • Diana

    as i told you before…you look amazing in this outfit. kiss.

  • The fur is fantastic, I love it!

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Dear Irina, thank you very much for your kind words! Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. I’m happy to hear that I still have devoted readers like you, because that’s what makes me happy every day!!

    Thanks again and have a nice day!
    Doina x

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Hey, thanks a lot! And regarding the advise, I’ve never heard of something like that, but seems worth trying! 😀

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Draga Marina, sa stii ca sunt de aceeasi parere! Intotdeauna am fost doar pentru expunerea libertatea a opiniei, insa doar atunci cand e una rezonabila, structurata si motivata. Niciodata insa nu mi-am permis sa trec la atacuri personale, ca metoda de-a hotara un conflict de opinii.

  • So nice!!
    I love your coat.

  • Louise

    You outfit is absolutely gorgeous….

  • Elena

    Este foarte frumos si original!!Aceasta blana alba e superba.

  • Love how you wore the vintage scarf around your hair, and the shades, so retro, totally love this style! So sorry to hear you coming under fire for the whole mink fur, although I do not personally support wearing such items, I do believe everyone is entitled to their own choices. Stay strong and know that your readers are here for you!

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous look.I love the coat!

  • regina

    WOAH leave her alone!! the coat is amazing and despite all the controversies about fur….have you ever put a fur coat on?!?!! Because the luxurious feeling is amazing!! She has Eastern European roots and if you know ANYTHING about the region, fur is a staple, you wear it to KEEP YOURSELF WARM.

  • pretty
    the anti-mink discussion is quite fun

  • Ana

    Have you read Garance Dore’s post on fur?
    It’s articulated well, addressing both sides of the debate.

  • Alexandra

    I totally agree!!

  • Alina

    Arati superb si haina este… de vis! De unde ai cumparat-o, daca e ok sa intreb?