Paris, I am almost there!.


As I am writing to you I am on my way to the city of love, lights, macaroons and Balzac. 
Paris Fashion Week is  almost here and I am preparing myself for it on both emotional and physical level. Those of you who have never been to fashion week may ask themselves what kind of emotional preparation could I need, if it is so much fun and it is more like a holiday? Well, if you ever plan to visit a fashion week, I have to disappoint you. Of course it is fun and you get to meet and see a lot of people, go to shows if you’re lucky, make new friends, but it is extremely exhausting. Some of the people I know had serious medical problems with their foot after fashion week, others like me just get totally nervous and partially go mad ( ok not that bad, but it does drive you crazy). So I have to tell you, the marathon fashion week participants are running is non-relaxing and very busy, especially if you have to blog and write about it. The good part is, that after all it is one of the most important events of the year in the fashion industry, so you get to be a part of it. 
Then it goes the physical preparation, which is I think important as well. This time I tried to avoid heels for as long as I could, so that my foot is rested and ready for kilometers of walking and hours of staying. 
However tragic it gets at some point, it is still fashion week and the feeling is amazing. 

Here is a sneak peek of the key items you will be seeing on me during this fashion week. A hint for you is that a lot of clothes are of my design, stay tuned for more details.
Of course one of the basic details is going to be this forever beloved  1 2  clutch, that I got as a gift from МОЁ. I will be proud to wear this item not only because its symmetrical balance, but also because the designer of the brand, Aliona Kononova is from Moldova as well! 

See you in Paris!

  • Have fun!

  • Sam


  • Have lots of fun!!! waiting for the new Paris photos (:please visit my

  • have a great time in Paris!crystal

  • yes!! so exciting!!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  • Have a nice trip :)

  • Have a great time, Doina! I am already excited to see your outfits and for you to share your thoughts with us!xoxoMelanie

  • have fun :)

  • Have great time in Paris !

  • have a great time :)xx,

  • ahh <3 paris <3hello♥mfashionfreak

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  • i love this! you are so beautiful!

  • A

    that clutch is so cute!have an amazing time in paris! can’t wait to see the pictures and what you wear :)clothes that you designed? yikes…i’m getting excited just thinking about that!!

  • Distractie placuta si asteptam vesti!:D

  • How I understand you! I was in Milan fashion week with my 14cm high heels running the city for all day. ( but not at the fashion shows 🙁 )I am totally in love with this MOE clutch. In fact I am in love with the sense of style of this brand! Excited to see your creations!xoxoJulia from

  • i love this look!

  • Anonymous

    Hey would just like to say I LOVE your blog! I read it as often as I can! I just wanted to know how you get invited to events such as fashion week through blogging? x x x

  • Elizabeth Rozendorn