Paris FW Day V: Skirt over Dress.


Roads and roads again, literally writing the post from my favorite petrol station, OMV, on my way home. I managed to finish all my business meetings yesterday, so that I can finally be home today.
In two words about the outfit; the dress is another piece of my own design, which I absolutely adore, but decided to try with a skirt over. I liked the result, because it doesn’t look too monotonous with the black middle part.
By the way I still remembered about my promise to you, and as soon as I get home, you’re gonna have a big post about my impressions and recommendations. 

Christian Louboutin pigalle, Romwe skirt, dress of my own design, coat from Armani, 
clutch Bottega Veneta 


  • The Fancy Teacup

    The way you paired the skirt over the dress give is a lovely, subtle peplum effect! Love it! And the dress is an absolute tropical gem. x


    that is such a lovely dress! you look stunning!xo, Tina http://WWW.TINACIOUS.ME

  • Nikki

    Your outfit is amazing! Love it:) Xx

  • lucia m

    wow!!! i love it!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  • Denni K.

    nice idea. love it

  • Świat Ami

    You look so chic! Georgeous!xo AMI

  • Michelle Lee

    hi Doina 🙂 are you designing for yourself or going to launch it too?love the dress!

  • Eva

    Beautiful look! Very stylish decision! X

  • Десислава Валентинова

    Love this look! I think this is my favourite outfit of you from this PFW. :))Desislava

  • lola

    great idea ! It looks lovely x

  • Outside Looking In

    That dress is amazing! I love the skirt over it–very creative. The shoes are perfect too! Nice pictures!!

  • Style Servings

    What a fabulous take on this trend!

  • The Bookish Fashionista

    I absolutely adore this! Such a creative way to style a dress!

  • victoria

    You look incredible !

  • victoria

    You look incredible !

  • Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries

    I love how it creates a fun peplum shape 🙂 xo Nikki

  • WearAbouts

    you look so cool! love the peplum effect it adds :)Roryhttp://www.WearAboutsBlog.comFollow me on CHICTOPIA

  • Palepepper

    i love how you styled the dress and skirt. The dress is to die for! Love the

  • Cinja

    wow what a great look! unexpected and great. your photos are amazing

  • one girl, one blog

    It looks great!

  • Gabriel Sima

    Gorgeous! <3

  • Abi

    nice idea! love it!

  • Ally

    Hey, Doina!All looks from Paris fashion week are brilliant!! I have a question. Are you going to visit Mercedez-Benz fashion week Russia? It will be so cool to meet you in reality)Ally

  • Vilette

    You look fabulous Dear! Gorgeous idea!

  • Hazardous Area

    Woooow! that’s a clever idea! well done :)xxxKat

  • miikax3

    i love this look! shoes, bag, everything! <3

  • BobbieAustin27

    love your lookthe skirt dress combo is a fav of minegreat street style snaps tooI love your blog, now following 🙂

  • y

    this is a wonderful dress !xx

  • Anonymous

    Красивое платье!

  • Am2Pm Chic

    Beautiful look, chic & elegant .Christy

  • nonnapuffo

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  • Anastasiya Kononova

    nice combination!!! thanxx for photos!! xx

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny when you say: “I deserved this I worked a lot for it”, I just keep asking myself, where exactly is the work you put in all that, looking pretty in front of a camera, posting some stuff on the blog… what else? Uh, traveling and looking pretty again..where exactly is the effort, and come on.. its clear like water that you certainly ain’t payin’ for any of those clothes but ur parents do…you just have some sence if style…thats all, but you are not helping anyone, you don’t make the place a better place, you just stay there and look pretty…so stop sayin’ you worked your ass off…cuz you didn’t…sorry…but those guess shoes would feed a village somewhere while you pose and smile while “working”…

  • FashionFreak/Mihaela

    You are so gorgeous!new post-mineral hygienics♥mfashionfreak

  • Arra Abella


  • Elsa

    very nice I like the skirt over the dress and the dress is just lovely on you it compliments your skin tone and your hair color! Have a safe trip back home

  • DoinaC

    Anonymous, it ia funny how you keep watching my facebook and spending time writing long nonsense comments like this one, when you could havr helped someone, least your mom wash the dishes :)all the others, thank you, loves! xo

  • nadyagita

    skirt over dress? wow that’s brilliant idea!you’re a fashion genius :)xoxoStyle, Pose, and Tell

  • Anonymous

    You are such a georgeous girl! What if you are not spending your money in food for other people? I assume miss anonymous is, right? She is not spending her time reading your blog, oh no, she is out there saving the world with the money of a pair of Louboutins.Plus it is not your fault you where born in a wealthy family with loving parents that can provide you this kind of things.YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING 😉

  • Antonia-Ivana

    I totally love your dress, wow!!

  • Zoraida

    fantastic idea with the skirt on the dress, and again I thought this dress is from some expensive label, what a surprise! you should work on designing clothes, you’re really good in it!

  • Anonymous

    I like your Armani Coat!Tell me, please, where you buy it?

  • Chiara Prandoni

    love the clutch! bottega veneta i believe :p It matches the outfit perfectly.