Exploring Palermo, Sicily.

Palermo, Italy

Ah Sicily. It’s enough to remember your crystal clear waters and smell of freshly cooked pizza on the streets and I want to jump on Momondo.com and book a plane ticket to get back to you. Sometimes I think I’m way too melancholic, especially if  the moments are tied to people I love, I miss it even more. You know how they say, the place doesn’t matter as long as the company is good.

Sicily is the perfect destination for those who love old Italy. Palermo is especially charming. The paint is falling off the walls, the streets are filled with old Fiats, old Italian ladies yelling from the balconies, the city is half empty. And the food. Ah the food is magnificent, best pastas and pizzas are at every corner, hard to choose.

Absolutely perfect for someone like me.

doina ciobanu trip to palermo

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  • Wow I need to visit!

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  • Wow, so many great shots! Italy is one of the best places on Earth!


  • Looks like such a fun trip! And I absolutely love that white dress!


  • Wow! pozele sunt superbe! 😉 xx


  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing photos!

  • beautiful pics!


  • Foarte frumoase fotografiile, iar tu asa senina si frumoasa esti!

  • amazing photos!

  • I waited for the Sicily post! This place definitely is on my go to list, as isles and the foot part of the Italy are still undiscovered for me.

  • Piia

    These pictures are so magical!


  • Absolutely beautiful! Yes, Italy is a dream!