Oversized Layers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Balenciaga coat (similar HERE and HERE) / Reiss turtleneck sweater / Abercrombie & Finch ripped jeans (similar HERE) / H&M beanie (similar HERE) / Saint Laurent Betty bag / Adidas Stan Smith trainers 

Amsterdam is beautiful in sun, but it’s even more beautiful in grey rain. The greens are become exaggeratedly saturated; the streets empty; the people quiet; and the little cafe a cozy refuge. And obviously, as soon as the cool weather hits, I’m back to my oversized layers. Ah, I love them so much! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my present is the complete opposite, calling for short skirts, short tops and short shorts… I think that last one didn’t really make sense, but you got the point. But then knowing myself, once I’m back to cold London, I’ll be craving and praying to be somewhere warm again. We (or at least I) are never satisfied with what we have, are we??

autumn outfit_-13

autumn outfit_-25

autumn outfit collage

autumn outfit_-10

autumn outfit collage4

autumn outfit_-18

autumn outfit collage3

autumn outfit_-24

autumn outfit collage2

autumn outfit_-23

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • very good coat babe ! 🙂


  • Victoria

    Thank you Doina! You inspire me every day.I know that you probably don’t care what I am saying but I just want you to know that I’m very grateful that I found you, you help me believe in myself, I can see that everything is impossible for people, I can see how beautiful everyone can be and how beautiful our planet. Thank you my beautiful Doina, xx

  • Cool casual look. Love your coat!

    xx Mira


  • Doina Ciobanu

    That is so not true! I am very happy to read that, and I care a lot about my readers. Sometimes when I travel and am alone, I feel like you guys are my closest friends 🙂 Thank you a lot for your kind words xx

  • Really love the coat!

  • Love it, Doina! Awesome look and pics 🙂
    Would love to see more photos with you & Daniel though.

  • I love your casual looks, this coat looks so cool with white sneakers


  • I like the jeans, but the overall outfit is not really my favourite..


  • My current mood!

  • The his/hers photos side by side really caught my eye, you should mabe do a series with you and Daniel’s outfits together, that would be really sweet and interesting to see how your styles differ or coordonate! Anyway, Amsterdam is always beautfiul, I’m so jealous of you going there, I think it’d be my dream city if it were sunnier ^.^


  • Diana

    Perfect!!!Cool coat.

  • simply in love with this look!


  • your coat has the perfect wool print! love the combo! <3

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  • love that beanie 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Wow!You look absolutely stunning!!

  • I love this look! Layering is one of my favourite things about winter x


  • I really like your Amsterdam posts! They are so you and at the same time so different from your daily looks.. True inspiration! I must say that I was impressed when you post just a little preview shots on your Instagram, but now as I’m seeing the whole looks, it’s so much better. Great! 🙂


  • lovely look sweetie !


  • perfect as always, love it

  • Amazing coat, love this look!


  • I love the oversize jacket

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  • Those jeans and that coat! Love the pairing.

  • Perfect look!
    Great oversize jacket!

  • valeria

    In timpul liber..

  • Arata super tare!! 🙂