Style Advice + granola spot in London.

London, England

Many of you might be thinking “What the hell?” right now, while others are like “I WANT THAT SHIRT”, it all really depends if you’re a nonconformist like myself or a more conservative person. After all, I am wearing Daniel’s shirt all twisted around me with parts of my upper body exposed and you know what? I completely adore it! It was one of those moments when you put on boyfriend jeans, then you put on a men’s shirt and all you can think of is “This has been done so many times, really not feeling it”. What comes next is a rush of flashbacks from Margiela and Celine, some google search that doesn’t seem to be able to deal with Doina’s random key words “knotted shirt women’s trend 2015” “off one  shoulder women’s shirt 2015” “ways to wear men’s shirt for women 2015″… No judging. So left with nothing but inspiration and broken memories, I start playing with the shirt.

My first thought: “Why isn’t Daniel bigger”- this kinda DIY-ing really needs an extra large shirt if you don’t want your breasts falling out or your neck being strangled.

Second thought: “Oh no no no please don’t rip, you’re Daniel’s!!”- try to take it slowly, otherwise you can end up with buttons jumping out and little cracks in the tailoring. Oops.

Third thought: “This is useless, I can’t make it work”- don’t give up, it will look really weird half way there, but that means you should keep changing it and re-knotting.

Fourth thought: “Mmm, actually, this is working and it looks quite awesome”- victory is tastier than salted caramel.

Don’t be afraid to bring some creativity into your style, standing out isn’t bad… And I was reassured by that once so many magazines featured my outfit after I attended an event in London that evening.

Candy floss kisses to you all,
Doina xx

shirt trend 2015 knot-12

shirt trend 2015 knot-8

shirt trend 2015 knot-2

HER details:

shirt trend 2015 knot-3

shirt trend 2015 knot-10

shirt trend 2015 knot-13

shirt trend 2015 knot-5

shirt trend 2015 knot-16

shirt trend 2015 knot-9

Then we headed to the UNo cafe in Pimlico to enjoy a lovely glass of granola and some fresh smoothies. (forgive my nails, i seem to never be capable of removing the shellac on my own!)

shirt trend 2015 knot-21

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And here is another way I wore the shirt later that night to attend an evening event.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 14.07.50

Editorial photos: Daniel Dykes
Tatler photo: Dave Benett (Getty Images)

  • It’s not my personal style but I’m definitely more understated.
    It looks great and super creative on you though. I would just look crazy ahah

    Joana x

  • Leesa

    Really like it a lot!

  • Michèle

    love the way you wear your shirt

  • Margarita Maslova

    wow! So creative way to wear shirt! LOve your style!

    Welcome to my blog RITALIFESTYLE

  • now that’s smart!

  • Smart!

  • Love this outfit.


  • Bianca

    wow! how cool is that! awesome idea!

    Kisses, B

  • Lovey Fleming

    This is so cool and crazy! I totally love it babe. you’re a total icon


  • Alexandra

    This is a very brave thing to do, but it looks amazing!
    Alexandra ~

  • Lavinia

    This looks amazing and very creative, love the shoes as well

  • viktoria

    sooo gorgeous! in love with your bag

  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing look!!!

  • I love the shirt worn this way.

  • Liz

    Beautiful and chic look! Love the shoes, great color and pop of color!

  • I love the way you wore this shirt. I would try this look but I’d like the shirt’s arm to be shorter, or turned, and just a little more covered either at stomach area or breast area.