Oceanic Inspiration.



This outfit is the perfect reflection of the atmosphere surrounding me at the moment. The ocean, the Atlantic blue sky, bright stars during and a really huge moon during the night, the freshness of the oceanic wind… All these factors inspired me to create this outfit, a very easy and romantic one.

I was wearing:

Blanco shirt
skirt thanks to Virgos Lounge skirt
H&M turquoise and neon green bracelets
Tiffany & Co heart+handmade bracelets
Tiffany & Co necklace key
Prada sandals

D x
  • Love your sandals!XOXOhttp://www.blog-anapaulaxavier.com

  • arati foarte bine Doina, imi place culoare bluzei si mai ales incaltamintea!!!!!!!

  • You look amazing!

  • You look so natural and feminine! I like your skirt and sandals a lot!http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

  • wow!i love your skirt. very interesting!

  • You’re so beautiful and I love your outfit especially the skirt and the shoes!ArraOASAP GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOGhttp://theprincessonthebrink.blogspot.com/2012/06/oasap-super-giveaway-of-152-items.html

  • I love the first pic. Very beautiful place. And i have no words for the amazing heels!kissesfranshowroomdegarde.blogspot.com

  • Ca de obicei, superb!!! ^_^

  • Amazing!!!xxx

  • Oh God! The Prada sandals are amazing! We really love them, you are looking fabulous!

  • You look fantastic, and it looks rather beautiful there right now!

  • amazing outfit! love the sandals!http://chocolatefashioncoffee.blogspot.ro/

  • Really love your skirt !!!http://cuteredbow.blogspot.com

  • Nice photos. Cheers.http://www.OldScratchedVinyl.com :: Photography+Fashion+Rants

  • love that shirt!

  • both the outfit and the pictures are gorgeous!!xx,Meelenahttp://www.TheSerialShopper.blogspot.com

  • Beautiful outfit! Amazing Prada sandals! Love them!

  • The way the polka dots on your skirt match your top is super cute!http://www.TheFancyTeacup.com

  • this look is really amazing,love the Prada sandals and the skirt..it looks great on you!FASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEW FASHION REVIEW

  • This outfit really smells like ocean! Love the way you matched your turquoise top and bracelets!

  • Definitely one of my favourite outfits you’ve sported!xoxo~Natasha Fatah~~Natasha Fatah~

  • beautiful!<3FASHION PHILOSOPHYhttp://www.fashionphilosophy.net

  • Such a great outfit!http://one-girl-one-blog.blogspot.ro/

  • awsome! ♥watchthroughthelens.blogspot.com

  • You look amazing! I love this outfit. ♥http://sparklylace.blogspot.com

  • teal is such a lovely colour on youhttp://youngandimpressionablee.blogspot.com.au/xx

  • Looking great, as always ! Nice skirt.

  • absolutely stunning, my goodness!xxxhttp://www.ladyalamode.com

  • Ti-am urmarit adesea pozele prin diferite locuri de pe web, dar niciodata nu mi-a trecut prin cap ca esti de-a mea. Ma bucur foarte mult ca te-am gasit. Esti foarte frumoasa.Zadin ♥♥♥

  • i like the skirt. http://itscassolie.blogspot.de/

  • Gorgeous!Just wanted to tell you how I LIKE YOUR BLOG, you have great taste! Oh, by the way I think you entered the word “during” twice in your post, no offence, you don’t have to post my comment. Looking forward for your next beautiful pictures and outfits ;o)

  • I love the sandals, the skirt and the top! You look pretty.Check out my blog, hope you like it!http://the-may-day.blogspot.ro/

  • I love the sandals, the skirt and the blouse. You look pretty! :)Check out my blog:http://the-may-day.blogspot.ro/Hope you like it!

  • I love the sandals, the skirt and the blouse. You look pretty! :)Check out my blog:http://the-may-day.blogspot.ro/Hope you like it!

  • Love the heels of yours! Transparency are so in right now. You rock them very well.Summer Flounce

  • Gorgeous pictures, love the heels! amazing!

  • LOVE your blog ! I actually saw you on a streetstyle blog with my blogger friend Anoushka 😉 And then last wednesday I became a fashion click blogger and I saw your blog too ! So anyway I wanted to ask you if these pics were taken in Biarritz ? Lovely shoes..

  • Tiffany blue and tan, LOVE the combo!http://charmcolorfully.blogspot.com

  • Lovely skirt and nice outfit 🙂

  • aaah! that heels is so adorable!!

  • these shoes are a dream <3

  • You are so beutiful and have an amazing style! Love You! Marta xx

  • LOVE your shirt, I can notice you’re having so much fun in your vacation, that’s good!! 😀

  • love your outfit!

  • You look so relaxed and pretty. I like your skirt and your sandals a lot!IVANITAS

  • wow!your style is fantastic!excelent style!http://natyfashionworld.blogspot.com.ar/

  • yes very romantic!http://www.pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.kr