Trading Boho for Sportswear: Festival Edit.






With the festival season approaching I partnered up with Topshop in order to share my ultimate 2016 Festival Look. Why Topshop? Let’s face it, we’ve probably all saved money to spend on one of the brand’s iconic collections at some point, be that Kate Moss, Mary Katranzou or the one designed in collaboration with the Jenners. It’s such an iconic British brand that when it comes to filling up your closet for the busy British festival season it’s a no brainer shopping destination.

Now the outfit I have chosen is not your ordinary festival look. As much as I love a good boho indie Coachella type style, I feel like it has been done so much in the past few years so a bit of fresh blood won’t hurt. With the rise of the streetwear 90’s sporty cool trend (this turned out quite long) brought by the likes of Vetements, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and others, I thought that would be an awesome choice this summer for an unusual festival look. Luckily, Topshop has a bunch of sweatshirts (i.e. the Tokyo one I’m wearing) and sport shorts to choose from, as well as insanely cool booties.

doina ciobanu topshop collage tokyo

doina ciobanu topshop collage 2

doina ciobanu topshop-38


doina ciobanu topshop collage fulll

doina ciobanu topshop collage

doina ciobanu topshop-12

doina ciobanu topshop collage 3

doina ciobanu topshop

doina ciobanu topshop-36


  • I love your photographs! They are always so professional and well thought.

  • Hottie!!! I love this cropped sweater <3

    xo Vanessa from

  • Lovey Fleming

    Love this sporty chic look! Mixing it up for festival– such a great new trend~

  • viktoria

    you look always so perfect

  • Doina, give us your abs routine!!!

  • Ailén

    I love the shoes, are amazing!

    Kisses ♡


  • Love the photos and the gifs, you look great!

  • Love the gifs!