nike air max trainers full white

Nike Air Max 90.


Nike Air Max 90

Now please, someone, I need you to hold me, because these guys just got in, and turned my life upside down! For those of you who haven’t noticed me annoyingly publishing my latest obsession to Facebook, I want you to meet my new key pieces of the season, Nike Air Max 90 in full white.  P.u.r.e. P.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n.

I have been hunting a pair of full white or black Air Max trainers for a few months, but with not much success. My body shivering (I’ll just blame it on my cold) while opening the box to try them on, in the biggest hope the size would be good. So white I am afraid to wear them indoors… probably also because I have this amazing ability of attracting bad things happening to my new favorite belongings. Dear Nikes, I promise to love and wear you every time I want to be a cool kid!!


  • love them!!

  • they look so cool and comfy

  • love these !!!! totally cool purchase

  • They really are pure perfection!!!

  • Love nikes! xo

  • Congraats! Finding the perfect Nikes is a Herculean task, tell me about it…still looking :-< Incidentally, where did you find these ones? x

  • Andra R.

    They’re lovely :)))

  • So cool! I definitely can see you rockin them! xx

  • AAAAH! I’ve been looking for all white Nike sneakers, but no luck! THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T STOP LOOKING! Congrats m’dear!

  • Pure perfection indeed! I want them so badly! Where did you get these babies?

  • Vogue4Dinner

    great shoes!

  • B.

    This is nostalgia! But they look so much better than they did in the 90’s

    Breathe Me

  • cei mai cool pantofi sport ever!!