Silk and bomber jacket.

New York, United States

Can I just say my weakest shopping point at the moment is Are You Am I. You’d be surprised how good I am at not buying things. My house is already filled with clothes and bags and shoes, I mean damn we had to move into a new bigger space and transform one a bedroom into a closet room. I get sent and INSANE amount of things from all types of brands and usually they’re things I actually love or are on my wish list. And for those things that I don’t get and are on my wish list… Well I just don’t see a point in buying more than you can store. Therefore I have more or less stopped shopping altogether (beauty and makeup is a whole other story though haha).

BUT, when it comes to brands like AYAI I simply can’t control myself. I try to never go to their website, but here and there I’ll see something awesome on my Instagram explore wall and look at the tag and… of course it’s AYAI. Then I visit the website to check out just that specific product, or at least that’s what I promise myself. But I make the big mistake of then going to the home page and that’s it. I WANT EVERYTHING. This red silk dress wasn’t an exception and it’s definitely one of the best basic pieces I own.

  • Very lovely look … Sweet and sexy style! 🙂

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  • Perfect look!

  • Wow I am in love with this look!
    areli’s april
    please follow!

  • Dylana

    You look stunning! Love the layering!!


  • Jade M

    As always you look beautiful Doina !

    Buuuut I’m reaaaally wondering : aren’t you cold when you dress like this ? I mean, this is winter right now, and if I dressed like you and went out for even 5 minutes I would get a pneumonia for sure haha.

  • Lovey Fleming

    This is 100% Outfit Goals!

  • Paola

    So glam!
    Kisses, Paola.
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  • Absolutely gorgeous look !
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  • viktoria

    You look incredible!!!

  • Mihaela V

    Great look ! Where ‘ s the bomber from ?

  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing look!

  • Luminita Lupascu

    Doina spune-mi te rog, care este brandul bomberului? Multumesc!