Consolidating the Edges.

Barcelona, Spain

 Mango pinstripe coat (or budget HERE) / Zara roll-neck jumper /  Mango pinstripe pants (or HERE) / Zara brogue shoes (or HERE)

   Following the universal stereotype, in the new year I’m willing to challenge myself. In the past year, the men’s style draw my attention like nothing else. Leaving behind the male handsomeness, I find it fascinating how the opposite sex dresses up. Starting with my favorite three piece suit, which was officially “born” in London in 1666, to the exquisite handkerchief that compliments a pocket so much, men sure posses the knowledge I myself want to acquire.

Though a “fighter” for the women’s rights, and appreciator of the female beauty,  I can’t deny feeling rather inspired by men, in every context of their life. It’s wel-known that our fathers, brothers, friends, lovers, facilitate our living, by fixing the light in the room, the car, the bad internet, the broken chair, or at least getting someone to do all that work for us. But we do not realize that the biggest thing they do for us is teach us about the real world, the rules of life, and how to survive between these two.

Do not take me wrong, I do not intend to turn into a man, no… just half-masculine! I’ve always considered that true femininity is better expressed through the consolidation of the edges of the two sexes. As a matter of fact, confidence, inner strength, natural sensuality and intelligence are keys to the female beauty, which to my great regret is often confused with obtuseness, lack of manners, clothing nudity, vulgarity and “rainbow” appearance.


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  • Katie

    Wow! Really cool outfit 🙂

  • Dragut!

  • Love your masculine take!

  • love it from head to toe my dear. great pinstripe ensemble

  • nailed doina !

  • you look exquisitely beautiful

  • C.

    I love that jumper! How do I miss so cool stuff when shopping?!! 🙂

    Strawberry Short Skirt

  • love your pants and I have to say this look is so me! Love it


  • loved the suit and the knit ♡


  • Doina Ciobanu

    Haha, I understand the feeling very well! 😀

  • amazing look!

  • A very cool and classy look, like the masculine touch, nice trend, perfect.

  • great!
    love this look!

  • Janet

    Love your style and look!!

  • Adeli

    Absolutely love the coat!

  • miaburon

    Handywomen do exist too 😉

  • Doina Ciobanu

    And I’m personally one of them. But however handy we try to be, there is never enough strength and skill for some things 🙂

  • You wear the masculine look so well

  • The look is a little too masculine for my taste, but it looks great on you. And about what you were saying I think it is pretty hard for some women nowadays to get attention without using nudity, vulgarity or a wrong behavior in general. I do consider that a woman should be sensual, take care of herself, feminine, but also strong, confident and hard working. Too bad that many choose the simple well known way.

  • Катя

    Очень классно!

  • You look awesome.

  • such a cool outfit! I have the same coat. Love it<3

  • Hi my beautiful !
    Very nice outfit 🙂
    Kisses <3

  • JJ

    Keep it up! I really like this masculine style. Would like to see more of it x

  • You look so amazing! I love peaces with strips<3

  • Lavinia

    Love this outfit!!

  • So so cute. 🙂

  • Hello,

    I live in the US and have “silently” followed your blog for several years now. I love your style! I am doing some copywriting research for work and came across you on I didn’t see you mention it anywhere and thought you might want to know they used a photo from this shoot. I apologize if you already knew this! Keep up the good work! Here’s the link…