Net-a-Porter x Nike 7 Day Body Reboot.


Get my Nike outfit: Blue tank top / Sports bra / Free 5.0 runners / Running shorts

” Mens sana in corpore sano / Healthy mind in a healthy body “

That is going to be my motto this week, since I’ve started a 7 day body reboot challenge with Net-a-Porter and Nike. Many of you might have notice that the past half a year I have been trying to maintain my body with workouts and a balanced diet. To be honest I had never been a fan of sports, and in my life I have tried half of the sports there are, until I started doing boxing. Boxing really changed my perception of movement, and made me realize that physical exercises are not only good for your body, but as cliche and old as it might sound, they are good for your mind as well.

Lately, starting working out more and more, I felt a change in my temper and mood. Every time I was feeling nervous, exhausting my body would, as a reverse reaction, calm me and make me feel in control again. And then when you finally see toned parts of your body really encourages you. Not all those hours sweating and looking like hell were wasted for nothing.

So knowing my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, my friends at Net-a-Porter have come up with the idea of a challenge. As of today, you will be seeing a 7 day Workout and Meal Plan on Net-a-Porter, created by a world Nike Master Trainer and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson. Throughout the week I will be posting exercises and meals from the plan to my Instagram, so make sure to check it in order to read about the progress I am making, but also find out about the whole experience in a blog post at the end of this week.

doina ciobanu fitness_-5

doina ciobanu fitness_-13

doina ciobanu fitness_-7

doina ciobanu fitness_-62

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doina ciobanu fitness_-60

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doina ciobanu fitness_-16  doina ciobanu fitness_-21

doina ciobanu fitness_-23 doina ciobanu fitness_-30  doina ciobanu fitness_-35 doina ciobanu fitness_-45 doina ciobanu fitness_-52 doina ciobanu fitness_-49

doina ciobanu fitness_-53

doina ciobanu fitness_-54

doina ciobanu fitness_-37  doina ciobanu fitness_-58  doina ciobanu fitness_-61  doina ciobanu fitness_-64

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Photos: Daniel Dykes

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