Nara, Japan

(Ralph Lauren sweater, PNK Casual skirt and coat, Chloe bag, Gianvito Rossi boots, earrings from Japan)

Nara is one of the places you just can’t miss on a trip to Japan. It used to be the capital of Japan and the 7 Great Temples of Nara, some of them built in the 7th century, are still in perfect conditions.

In this small city, I found the perfect place and it became my favorite from all I’d seen before- the lantern forest that leads up to the Kasuga Grand Shire temple. It counts over 3 000 stone lanterns and hundreds of deers. The deers are also a very interesting element. They are considered to protect the city. According to an old legend, a mythological god Takemikazuchi arrived in Nara on a white deer to protect the city.  

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  • Wonderful pictures! Great post!

  • Imi plac foarte mult cizmele, simple si elegante. Iar orasul e extraordinar, de fapt Japonia e diferita 😀

  • Si vad ca se vede numai engleza,dar eu vin cu iz romanesc si sper sa nu supar.
    Ador poele ,iar tu esti o norocoasa care stie sa profite.Bravo tie :*
    Cat despre concurs,te-am votat deja si sper sa castigi.
    P.S.Poate faci un post cu locurile in care ai fost sau in care ai vrea sa mergi.

  • so beautiful 🙂 must be amazing in there 🙂

  • lindo lindo
    amo seu blog visito sempre! sucesso

  • love the red pop!

  • this trip looks so exciting!

  • this trip looks so exciting!!!

  • it looks like you’re living your dreams – I’m kind of jealous (in a good way 🙂 )
    and you’re beautiful 🙂

  • D

    amazing trip. you’re so blessed!

  • beautiful impressions of a stunning landscape!


  • Beautiful. I really love seeing you travelling! The boots goes perfectly with your skirt.


    Style of Purity

  • Sah

    Wow this looks amazing, thank you for kindly sharing your pictures with us, such a beautiful country, you’re very lucky! and you look divine! love that jacket. Keep up the great work xx

  • What a wonderful post ! Beautiful as always 🙂


  • Deborah

    Japan…love it!


  • that’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Love it! Are you just visiting? I never went to Nara, but lived in Japan for almost two years 🙂

  • You look great! Japan looks so lovely!

  • great!
    perfect shots!

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  • i’m so jealous

  • Vicky

    Breathtaking. I wanna go to Japan in a spring