My introduction.


    Good day everyone! now that Doina’s hard work had its launch,I can finally say I’m super excited to invite you all to follow the amazing journey of ups and downs,hard work and patience,a.k.a my life!! :))

     My name is Natalia, I’m 20 and I’m from Moldova.

 As you already got to meet RV, we’re agency fellows ( Mandarina Models Romania) and also good real life friends so you’ll probably get to see us together more often!
    This past weekend has been busy for me since I had the honor to help my mother agency to organize a relaxing and also full of hard work and good results meeting-work-sightseeing-dinner-partying time, and I could say it worked out really well!


I spent the weekend with the CEO and owner of a japanese model agency, who came to my home city together with the director of my romanian agency, Bogdan Podoleanu. 

image-4 image-5 image-7

  For me it’s always amazing to meet new people, share interests and emotions, get to know new cultures through somebody else’s eyes, it’s probably one of the best advantages of being a model, and the feeling of seeing them happy on your native land, or city, is indescribable)

I wish you a great week guys!

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    super, stii sa scrii.

  • Super.Sper sa scrii mai des.Multumim si Doinitzei pentru idee :* !