A quiet morning in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quiet wind blowing through the hotel room curtains. Head still flying in the fluffy clouds of sweet night dreams. I push myself out of the bed, still dizzy from the sudden movement, chaotically researching the area around the bed for the dressing gown. Oh! Here it is! I put it on, open the curtains, and it’s all clear to me. The sweet dreams I’d been having were nothing other than last night’s memories of this magical city I’ve woken up in; memories of Amsterdam.

doina ciobanu morning-6

doina ciobanu morning

doina ciobanu morning-4

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • i’m so happy for you that you’re in Amsterdam, and i can’t wait to see more content from there 😉

    have a lovely day!

    x tiphaine

  • So feminin and innocent ….

  • Can’t wait to see more from Amsterdam XD

  • I love Amsterdam! Have a wonderful time 🙂


  • Sim

    I love the atmosphere of these photos!

  • have a great time in Amsterdam! 🙂

  • Camom

    Can you open your bathrobe ??

  • Ash

    Great post! Stunning photos, you look amazing