Moleskine Travel Journal.

The school year has begun!! Taking some photos on a nice sunny day as long as we can, because the weather is really tricky and can change at every moment out of the blue. 
Decided to show you my latest obsession- the Moleskine travel journal. It is such a useful thing!! The best thing for any kind of trips, where you write everything you like about a particular city/country you visit, so the next time you go back there, this little notebook is even better than a guide.

It’s my daddy’s birthday today, so I want to wish him all the best and tell him how important he is in my life. He’s always protected me, taught me good manners, showed me how to live and loved me more than a daughter could ever wish for. Thank you for being with me (us), dear father! We love you! x 
I was wearing:
dress gifted by In Love with Fashion
Zara belt
Givenchy Multigalvanized Crucifix bracelet + skull bracelet gifted by Societe Cerebrossa
platforms from Lovely Pepa for Krack collection (thanks to Alexandra for the gift!!) 
Celine Audrey sunglasses
Moleskine Travel Journal
  • Love this dress, it is amazing on you!x

  • super nice shoes!xx

  • SM

    This looks amazing!Also, congrats for being featured in Australian Harper’s Bazaar. I was reading it today when I saw you!

  • beautiful dress)Polly with lovefollow)

  • I love the color of this dress, so pretty and vibrant! And yes, Moleskine journals are just the best. :)another day to wander

  • Adriana

    Stilul tau e foarte elegant si eu de fiecare data ma inspir.Poate nu iti dai seama ,dar sa stii, ca ai inspirat si influentat o multime de fete.Mult succes!!

  • its a really beautiful outfit and pics. congrats!frannew look

  • Adore you shoes – you always have the most amazing footwear!

  • Lucky you that there’s still the Sun in Moldovia, here in Italy it’s raining:( ps. you’re beautiful as always, love your shoes ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013 ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013 ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013

  • love the colour of that dress on you! amazing

  • Beautiful color of the dress and the pictures are so sunny! x

  • Chiar ieri mi-am luat deja al 2-lea Moleskine Travel Journal…good choice…e foarte comod si mai ales ca ii poti atasa si diferite stickere ca sa fie si mai viu..) sau poze etc…

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  • Your dress’ colour is amazing!!! I just love it! Sparkle On The Floor

  • wow beautiful shoes,love it!

  • Oh, love the wedges <3You look so pretty!

  • You look really stunning! I got nearly the same shoes – just another brand 🙂

  • those shoes are lovely! Happy Birthday to your dad! :)

  • Pretty pictures

  • the colour of this dress looks amazing on you!

  • The color of the dress looks so good on you! Love the shoes! -Danielle

  • i also love the Moleskine notebooks. they have such great ideas. If they were cheaper I think I’d already have them all

  • amazing Outfit!! love your dress and shoes! very beautiful!

  • super cute! i am in love with this!

  • Lili

    Forte frumoasa si naturala.Incaltamintea e superba!!!

  • Just saw your sister’s photos for AllLady, she looks gorgeous:) Sparkle On The Floor

  • Niki

    you are beautiful!!

  • Alexandra

    Amazing photos and the look is gorgeous again!!

  • amazing!

  • You are so cute. I like your dresses so much. It’s very cute and so fashionable. I like your fashion.

  • Your dress are very cute. I like this so much. It’s so fine and attractive.

  • I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great blog posts.