MOJA Giveaway.



MOJA & The Golden Diamonds are announcing a wonderful GIVEAWAY for  e v e r y o n e! 
Win this fabulous pink dotted sweater from Moja!


To participate you have to:

1. Go to MOJA and select an item you would wear the sweater with
2. Leave a comment below the post with your name, e-mail adress and the link of the chosen item
3. Like The Golden Diamonds fan page on Facebook HERE 
4. Like the Moja page on Facebook HERE

You can participate even without a Blogspot profile, by leaving an anonymous comment.

Doar cativa pasi pentru a castiga un pulover MOJA :
1. Alegeti un produs de pe MOJA, cu care ati asorta puloverul
2. Lasati un comentariu cu numele, e-mailul si produsul ales
3. Puneti Like la pagina The Golden Diamonds pe Facebook AICI
4. Puneti Like la pagina Moja pe Facebook AICI

Oricine poate participa, chiar si cei care nu au profil Blogspot!

Hurry up!! This is a one-day Giveaway.

Good luck 

  • you look so cute!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  • You look so beautiful. (:[email protected]:[email protected]uri.html

  • Nice sweater=) here is the item : thanks, [email protected]

  • [email protected] it’s not summer yet I would wear the sweater with this beautiful trench coat for the chilly days and nights.

  • Anonymous

    Cristina [email protected]:[email protected]eschis.html

  • Anonymous

    My name is Diana.Email: [email protected]:[email protected]chis.html

  • What I like about this sweater, it could be worn with almost everything. Skirts, jeans, pants in different colours.. But I suppose I would try it with that because I like how colours would compound each other: pastel sweater and “deep mustard” colour. But it’s actually hard to judge like this, without wearing these pieces 🙂 [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Lucie [email protected]:[email protected]fice.html

  • Anonymous

    Nella [email protected]://

  • Nume:Ioana Lakatos PuscasE-mail:[email protected] LIKE:Ioana Lakatos Puscas

  • Anonymous

    [email protected]:[email protected]-pliuri.html

  • Very great giveaway… you look wonderful – good luck everyone…Join my new JIMMY CHOO GIVEAWAYTanja – or via Bloglovin

  • Elena

    Elena [email protected]://

  • Anonymous

    Hi Doina! My name is Ruxandra .[email protected] think this sweater is very pretty and feminine, it goes very well with

  • Anonymous

    Hi Doina! My name is [email protected] think this sweater is very pretty and feminine. It goes very well with

  • Ma~

    The item:[email protected]

  • Ma~

    The item:[email protected]

  • You are so beautiful and the sweater is definitely lovely and cute! <3

  • Moruz [email protected]:[email protected]s.html

  • Olesea [email protected]:[email protected]s.html

  • Anonymous

    Olesea [email protected]:[email protected]s.html

  • Anonymous

    Anna [email protected])My choice is this one – Fusta lunga bej:Если можно – буду по-русски:)С приходом весны начинают цвести не только ландыши,удивляя своей красотой,но и девушки.Эта юбка создаст вместе со свитером романтическое настроение,игривое и совсем по-девчачьи розовое,что будет как нельзя кстати к самому разгару весны:)

  • Anonymous

    [email protected]:[email protected]chis.html

  • Anonymous

    ce coincidenta :)

  • I would combine those amazing leather pants I saw, even if the sweater is so lovely that it would match also with something really simple!!I dunno, that sweater is just amazing. I did everything<[email protected]

  •[email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Alexandrina [email protected]:[email protected]i.html

  • I would wear the sweater with this:[email protected]

  • Anonymous

    ma numesc Marina email: [email protected]:[email protected]ej.htmlas putea sa aflu ce marime are puloverul? mersi 🙂

  • Anonymous

    ma numesc Marina email: [email protected]:[email protected]ej.htmlas putea sa aflu ce marime are puloverul? mersi 🙂

  • Hi 🙂 I’m Monika. The link:[email protected]!!!

  • Name: Thao NguyenEmail: [email protected] item:

  • Anonymous

    Andreea A. [email protected] the item I would pair with the sweater: <3

  • name: Anastasia S.e-mail: [email protected] item:

  • Nume: Alexandra OanceE-mail: [email protected]:

  •,r:13,s:0Adriana SpataruEmail: [email protected] Din pacate nu pot deschide pagina oficiala Moja.

  • Anonymous

    Iulia [email protected]:[email protected]uri.html

  • Ioana A.

    Name: Ioana AndriescuE-mail: [email protected] would wear this sweater with this shorts

  • Soo [email protected]`d wear it with these pants

  • as asorta acest pulover cu niste pantaloni scurti ( ) si ca incaltaminte as alege acesti pantofi ( )si as mai adauga o gentuta( ) pentru ca in final sa ajung la un look girlish si romantic.e-mailul meu este : [email protected] Lupu

  • I’d wear this sweater with this: am already a fan of The Golden Diamonds on Facebook: Olesia FlegkaI like the Moja page on Facebook: Olesia [email protected]

  • Nume: Larisa Grigorase-mail: [email protected] purta puloverul cu

  • Anonymous

    I’m [email protected]’d wear this cute sweater with these pants’s a problem with their site, I couldn’t access it, that’s why I linked a photo from their facebook. hope it’s ok

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the [email protected]

  • FB:Mihaela [email protected]

  • I guess i don`t have the right size for this awesome sweater 😀 i`m gonna watch who`s gonna` win)))Good Luck!!!

  • Anonymous

    ma numesc Marinaemail: [email protected]:[email protected]ej.html

  • Awesome!! Karina Zhevnerovskaya [email protected]

  • very very cool!

  • I would wear it with: [email protected]

  • I would wear it with: [email protected]

  • Alina

    Danciu [email protected]://

  • Anonymous

    Alina [email protected]://

  • [email protected] would wear it with:

  • [email protected] would wear it with:

  • lovely sweater can’t open moja’s website

  • Dina, e-mail [email protected] (or twitter @willowhisperrs) Chosen item:

  • Anonymous

    [email protected] pagina ta si pagina Mojo.roDin pacate site-ul nu functioneaza. Am incercat pe mai multe browsere, la intervale orare diferite.Banuiesc ca nu am indeplinit toate conditiile pentru a partcipa la concurs, insa partea cu alegerea unui articol pentru combinatie, de pe site-ul, este imposibil de realizat. Mult succes in tot ceea ce faci.Lavinia

  • Anonymous[email protected] a nice day!

  • Anonymous

    I would wear it with this:[email protected]

  • Cred ca ar arata bine cu pantalonii astia :D [email protected]

  • Imi pare rau pentru dificultatile create. Giveaway-ul va avea loc timp de 2zile, din cauza unpr probleme tehnice. Va incurajez sa incercati si maine 😉 Mult succes!

  • Nastya K [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    L-as purta cu aceasta fusta nude de lungime medie:, [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Beatrice Plebani: [email protected]

  • I can’t see the site, I’m sorry, but I’m in!On fb: Debora FerriE-mail: [email protected] sweater 🙂

  • Cristina

    As purta bluza cu pantalonii acestia: (pun link facebook fiindca nu functioneaza) si cu pantofi stiletto; desi in realitate as alege o fusta conica, 3/4 verde mentol (pastel), accesorizata cu bratari masive, pretioase si pantofi intr-o culoare contrastanta.Ma numesc Cristina Sbirnea si ma gasesti la [email protected] Toate cele bune si keep it up 🙂

  • mihaela pojogumihaela.mihordea at gmail.com

  • As asorta acest minunat pulover MOJA cuuuu Ionela Popa [email protected] Kisses Doina

  • The sweater is so sweet!I would combine it with[email protected] Adee

  • Anonymous

    hello! i would pair the sweater with this skirt: (moja website does not work, sadly)fb name: Ioana Oaraemail: [email protected]

  • name: Kassie Paeemail: [email protected] would wear that adorable sweater with this:

  • Suuper giveaway-ul 😡 In mod sigur l-as purta cu aceasta fusta adoraabila ! : Am indeplinit toate cerintele iar e-mailul meu e : [email protected] Pupici xx

  • Nume : Calabache Carmenemail : [email protected] :

  • The website doesn’t work :\'([email protected]

  • I’d wear them with name’s Daniela :)My email’s [email protected] :)hope I win :)))

  • I’d wear the sweater with these : name’s Daniela and My e-mail is :[email protected] i win! xx

  • Doina Popa

    I can’t enter the site but I would love to participate on the giveaway!Facebook Name: Doina Popaemail: [email protected]

  • [email protected] asorta cu fustita aceasta:

  • Silvia cupich [email protected]:[email protected]rta-din-pliuri.html

  • i’d really love love looove to win! <3[email protected](note: fb email is [email protected])Thanks!!! <3

  • Alle [email protected]:[email protected]Yayyyyyyyy, I hope I’ll have luck 😀

  • A

    thank you so much for having this awesome giveaway!that sweater looks adorable on you :)it seems like it would be very versatile. you could probably pair it with leggings, tights, a skirt, pants, shorts, or anything else! i also bet it would look good layered with other things…i made sure to like moja and the golden diamonds on facebook as alice line-mail: [email protected] i were to win this sweater, i would definitely wear it with these bright blue leggings to add a fun pop of colors! :) my fingers crossed.good luck to everyone who enters!!

  • Anonymous

    such a cute sweater!I`d like to wear it over this dress for meeting with my boyfriend`s parents :)[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Anonymous

  • bianca

  •[at]bk[dot]ruGiveaway Collection at

  • Monica

    Monica [email protected]://

  • Anonymous

    Buna!Numele meu este Ana-Maria si uite cu ce as purta eu pulovarasul roz cu buline : mea de mail este : [email protected]!

  • [email protected]://

  • link on my previous comment was wrong, [email protected]:[email protected]forata.html

  • Hey I took another look on moja`s page and I had a new idea for the sweater.Here it is[email protected] Adee

  • Anonymous

    Olga,[email protected]://

  • Ramona freya003@yahoo.com

  • I’d wear with: Samantha Tedesco

  • Zuzazuza.bienkunska@gmail.com

  • Love itpreppyfashionist@hotmail.comI would wear it with this dress luck to everyone.

  • Anonymous


  • hello, as purta puloverul cu pantaloni gri – magda scrobotaemail – magda_scrobota@yahoo.como zi faina

  • Anonymous

    Alexandra Catrangiualexandra.baciu@yahoo.com + + ! sooo lovely ! bizous !

  • Iulia Munteaniulia_maria_muntean@yahoo.comI chose this:

  • L-as purta cu

  • Annie

    Alegerile mele: at gmail punct com

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    SalutMa numesc Alexandra. e-mail: s.sanda@mail.ruAs alege aceasta rochie: tuturor.

  • As purta puloverul cu aceste haine:

  • MARAluxeternum12@yahoo.comand my choice is:

  • Tatianatatiana.lavric@gmail.com

  • Taniatatiana.lavric@gmail.com

  • Hi, Doina!Completed all the steps And I would wear this amazing sweater with this skirt Dasha from

  • Magdamadzia3991@interia.eulink:


  • a very lovely sweater :),

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous sweater !!My name is Alexa : alexa.dunareanu@yahoo.comLink :

  • Nergiz T.nergiz.tigu@yahoo.com

  • Ancaselff_ish@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    As purta puloverul cu : :)


  • Bianca

  • Georgiana

    Nume:Ispas Georgiana

  • Cute!Alexandramagazinul_verde@yahoo.comI`d wear it with these pants LIKE: Magazinul Verde

  • love love love the sweater :)))email:


  • Lovely item..iuliana.bitca@gmail.com


  • Virginia

  • Anonymous

    Ana Mariachocolate_biscu@yahoo.comit’s spring, when all sad colours rise and shine 🙂 (perfect combination)

  • As asorta bluza cu aceasta fusta cu pliuri you and moja on facebook – Diana

  • Anonymous

    Ana Mariachocolate_biscu@yahoo.comIt’s spring, that time of the year when all sad colours rise and shine 🙂 (perfect combination)

  • Anonymous

    Perju Taniaperjutania@yahoo.it

  • Anonymous

    Lena, lena_happiness@mail.ru luck to everyone:)

  • Anonymous foaarte dragut puloverul, l-as purta cu ceva care are un aer romantic :d

  • Anonymous foaarte dragut puloverul, l-as purta cu ceva cu aer romantic :)

  • Anonymous

    Ilona Neider

  • Huyen Nguyenmnguyenn_@hotmail.com

  • you look so sweet! ♥

  • Wow, you’re sooo beautiful…!xfashion is for idiots [like us]

  • Hi,very kind of you.I like this: Name: Karen

  • so cute, id wear the sweater with a ruffled skirt and over the knee socks!

  • L-as purta in combinatie cu :

  • Anonymous

    lovely <3

  • Super 🙂 As asorta puloverul cu acesti pantaloni

  • Anonymous



  • with this Cristina Criname/surname Cîmpeanu Cristina

  • Hermina Hermi Blue

  • AAAAAAAH lovely giveawayyy!Grace item:

  • As soon as I saw your sweater I told myself I want to have one like that too. I think it would look great paired with this would be greater to have one for free ;)

  • Anonymous 🙂 vivian

  • Nume: Badea NicoletaE-mail: x_hubba.bubba_x@yahoo.comProdusul ales: ambelor pagini cu numele: Nicoleta Alexandra

  • numele: Elena ilencik@yahoo.comprodusul ales: giveaway 🙂 and the sweater looks lovely on you! 🙂

  • numele: Elena ilencik@yahoo.comprodusul ales: giveaway 🙂 and the sweater looks lovely on you! 🙂

  • name: Elena ilencik@yahoo.comprodusul ales: giveaway! and the sweater looks lovely on you! 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Hi Doina!I’m Claudia Ávila ( I’d like to weear the sweater with this amazing skirt:!

  • Hey, my name is Tra Mi ( ) and this is the skirt which I would wear the sweater with

  • Hey, my name is Tra Mi ( ) and this is the skirt which I would wear the sweater with

  • Anonymous

    Hey, my name is Tra Mi ( ) and this is the skirt which I would wear the sweater with

  • Nume: Badea FlorentinaE-mail: pastilwtsa_muov@yahoo.comProdusul ales: FB: Badea Florentina