Miss Dior relaunch campaign.

La Colle Noire

It was already a very hot day even though the sun was just rising. My tiredness could be seen on my puffy face and through the dark circles so prominent around my eyes now. It wasn’t inexplicable, i had only slept about 3 hours after the annual De Grisogono (aka one of the best and most glamorous parties of the years). But even the worst “day after” face can be fixed with some ice massage, the right beauty products and good makeup. So i pick up the phone and call the reception:

-Hi! Can i please get some ice?

-Excuse moi???

– Mmmm j’ai besoin d’un seau de glace?

– Bien sur!

Sending my prayers to the skies that the receptions understood my broken French, I start looking for my portable charger, its charger, because I’ll need to charge my phone later that day. The whole idea kinda defies the purpose, but the whole self charging chargers idea… well we’re not quite there yet. Until then, my suitcase will be filled with 10 different chargers and cables.

Buzzer rings. My ice is here. The worst is behind me now.

Soon I’m in the chair of the beauty master Jamie in the Dior Suite and he starts working his magic on me. I’m half asleep and not quite listening, but suddenly my face feels so cool and refreshed and he seems to be the reason.


-Oh it’s the new Dior Smooth Balm mask, i love using it as a base when the face is a bit dry or not too fresh.

I told him I need that product in my life, he gave it to me and I’ve been using it ever since. Makeup is done, we went for Pump & Volume and faux freckles for a super natural look, which unexpectedly for me actually fixed my morning face disaster.

It’s not long until we all storm out to our cars, tight schedule. About 1h40mins later we’re back here, the house of Christian Dior. The gates open and the car is slowly driving through the tree line driveway towards the main entrance of the majestic La Colle Noire. I still can’t quite get my head around it. Christian Dior and his fashion house have had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl, I guess it passed from my mum. And now I’m here, right where it all started, working with the team on the relaunch of the first Dior creation, the Miss Dior fragrance.

It’s different but the same. It’s different because it’s less heavy, with more fresh green notes and two scents of orange; it’s the same because it is still the scent of roses.


Love is where the story of Christian Dior starts with the iconic Miss Dior as its first revolution.

Photos by baby Alana


  • This is simply stunning Doina! The dress is dreamy as is Miss Dior fragrances! Beautiful
    Areli’s April // Bloglovin

  • fatou diaw

    you are stunning, Doina!

  • Love ❤️ the creative photos and cute unique presentation … simply fabulous as always! ❤️ it! 🙂

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  • omg i love this!!! so inspiring!!

    x tiphaine

  • Magic!


  • Doina! Simply.stunning! What a beautiful photos and you must be so proud be be working with such an iconic brand – huge congratulations xxx

  • Dylana