The “mini” issue.

Barcelona, Spain

   Hugo Boss men’s shirt (similar HERE)/ Oysho black top (similar HERE) / Mango zipped skirt (similar HERE) / Longines watch / Zara brogue shoes (similar HERE)/ Celine bag 

     Those of you who have been my readers for quite a while already know about my scepticism towards mini-skirts… Rgh, let’s call them short skirts, the “mini” term itself already repels me. However, speaking on the behalf of the female kind, young in particular, I have to confess that those small pieces of material do have some gravitational force that we can’t always resist.

So let’s suppose you let yourself be driven by your weakness, like I did with this suede skirt from Mango, what do you do to avoid the cliche factor and moreover, vulgarity? I can claim that I’ve finally found a solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem- half masculine. Pair the skirt with a pair of brogues, men’s oversized shirt, et voilà. My femininity remains undoubted, but now I feel a lot more confident.


IMG_6407   IMG_6565 1





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  • Lyn

    Love the skirt & shoes and the way how your shirt is hanging, very nonchalant! (Do you use this word in English?)
    Anyway, nice look 🙂 xo

  • Diana

    You look amazing!Is perfect!Kisses!!

  • Camasa este superba…masculina. Iti sta super!

  • Karina

    I absolutely adore this outfit and you style:)

  • Hi Doina! First of all I want to congratulate you for the wonderful job you are making here on your website! I would say You are a good inspiration for young ladies 🙂

    I have been waiting for this kind of post from you for a long time. 🙂 I really like how you write and your attitute. I was thinking that it would be great if you explained WHY you choose to combine this with that and not with something else for example. It is always nice to see pictures of you, and your wardrobe 🙂 But it will also be very useful for us to know the “why”. Even though I understand it is the process of creativity, and everyone is free to choose how to combine clothes, but there should be a logic as well, I guess.

    Anyway, keep the good job you are doing now! We love it anyway 😉

  • this one is beautiful doina !

  • Nice look! Masculine+feminine very sophisticated look! It suits you very well

  • Amazing style, love those shoes

  • Q

    this is how a ‘mini” should be worn!…. its when its worn with sky scraper heels… the look is… lets just say, not for me!…. with brogues and a crisp white shirt?…perfection!… also this one has pockets which gives it a much more relaxed feel. lovely outfit!x

  • Stephanie

    I do check this blog often. You need to receive a sincere feedback to get better. But the comments here are all “oh and wah!”, and rarely the people take time to write a meaningful sentence. A constructive critique is missing. So why don’t the people say at once: ” The king is naked!”?
    Here what I sincerely thought seeing this post:
    the skirt is nothing special, but the way you choose to combine it is amazing, it is chic and casual at the same time, relaxed and full of atittude.
    What I didn’t like is – the face expression. I cannot get it. Why this position of the mouth, as if you had an imaginary ball inside of it? It doesn’t look natural and makes an unpleasant impression. You have a nice face and could give it a more natural look when you smile or are serious without trying to wear such masks. And not only in this post. I am really curious about this mistery – the half open, contracted mouth. Where does it come from?
    I hope this could be of use.
    Best wishes, Stephanie

  • absolutely adore these photos, babe. great monochrome look. the oversized shirt and the zipper skirt are both super awesome

  • really love your shirt

  • I love your shirt! it looks really cool with the skirt!

  • epp

    I have no problem with short skirts, in fact I wear them every single day and for me they are super feminine, not vulgar at all 🙂 Your version of it rocks too!

  • very cool dear!!!

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Hey, thank you for your opinion! I’ll try and do more “explaining” this year, even maybe “how to’s”. That’s exactly why I’ve started writing even on trends and collections I like, hope that might be helpful for you, guys. 🙂


  • love this look!
    simple and chic

  • Alina

    Doina, cu siguranta cunosti video-urile “Pardon my french” ale lui Garance Dore. Mi-ar placea f tare sa vad astfel de videouri dar sub semnatura ta. Cred ca ar fi foarte interesant si diferit sa ne prezinti tot felul de abordari, colaje, fashion tipps, sau backstage moments etc in astfel de videouri! 🙂

  • I still can’t like mini skirts.

  • These shoes are incredible 🙂

    @blaisedyer (twitter & insta)


  • your fan

    Stephanie!! u just said my words!

  • Cristina

    Reusita combinatie! Pantofii pe toc intr-adevar ar fi facut lookul mai vulgar…
    una ce eu nu inteleg…moda asta de a lasa partea din spate a camasei scoasa din fusta.. dupa parerea mea..aduce un aer “destrabalat”..
    Poate nu am dreptate..dar chiar nu gasesc sensul..
    Bafta! 😉

  • they fit you so well tho 🙂

  • Cool outfit<3

  • I like that this outfit is feminine and classy but casual as well 🙂

  • This look is super inspiring, I think its safe to say I’ll do a copy of it soon… x

  • great look!

  • Once in a while, I believe it’s ok to be driven by your weakness. That’s when you learn about your strength. Suede is definitely harder to take care but I’m sure there’s always solution to everything. In the end if there isn’t, there’s always something new in suede to buy =)

  • oh my love!

  • adriana

    Until now I didn’t try the shirt out only with jeans or pants, but good point with the skirt:-)
    Glad to see u agree with “less is more”!