The Pre-Fall Mood.

London, England

Jeans, top and shoes from GUESS + Daniel’s beanie


August is almost gone. It smells like wet ground. The wind is cooler. Autumn is almost here.
The greyness is never an indication of a season change in London, so it wasn’t until we went out the other week that we noticed that the streets were covered in leaves. But it wasn’t the usual leaves that the wind has brought down, they had beautifully dried and turned into golden origamis.

That day started just as grey, no usual morning sun followed by rain. Just clouds. When we decided to leave for a local pub I knew I had to go for a more Fall look. Having just gotten a new pair of perfectly fitted military jeans from Guess I was eager to try them on and not feel like I’m stepping into Autumn too fast. After all, there is nothing quite as reckless as jumping into winter while it’s still summer… (let’s pretend that’s actually a quote). I chose to wear a pair of hot lace booties that would chic up my outfit a little. Those shoes are my new obsession and I was planning on wearing them quite a lot this remaining bit of summer, but then you know, my foot decided to take a vacation…  Anyways. Back to my outfit. The blouse is an elegant flowy addition to the combo, with a touch of transparency.

doina ciobanu military jeans-2

doina ciobanu military jeans-9

doina ciobanu military jeans 3

doina ciobanu military jeans-13

doina ciobanu military jeans-19

doina ciobanu military jeans 2

doina ciobanu military jeans-24

doina ciobanu military jeans-16

doina ciobanu military jeans-3

doina ciobanu military jeans-10

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • That beanie is killer!

  • Lovey Fleming

    This is such a rad look. I don’t know how you can pull off a beanie and high heels at the same time, but its a look I think we should all try! Love!


  • Liv

    Obsessed with your jeans!


  • Beautiful.

    Those pants are so cute!


  • deltreylicious

    Joli look !


  • Haha, thank you 🙂

  • Hey, I think you definitely should! It’s such a cool way to wear a beanie. Send me a photo when you do xx

  • Thank you Liv 😀

  • super outfit! I love how you combine military jeans with this nice feminine top:)

    mynameiskristina blog // bloglovin

  • Виктория Вальтер

    Замечательный пост)мне очень нравится.необычно видеть тебя с чёлкой,но ты выглядишь не менее круто.только вот в снапчате и в других приложениях у тебя нет чёлки.поделись секретом как?или я что-то не так увидела?

    спасибо тебе.всегда вдохновляешь)

  • Хаха, спасибо большое. Вы правы, вот такая вот у меня челка, вы можете ее тут купить: или

  • That top is just stunningggggg 😍😍😍

  • perfect! perfect hair dear!

  • Michèle

    I just LOVE the bangs on you

  • Those pants are amazing!

  • viktoria


  • nica

    wow. i love the way you put together this ensemble. 🙂 you look ruggedly hot! 😉
    greetings from the Philippines! <3
    I blog here:

  • Very nice outfit!! xoxo

  • Michelle K. Lee

    love that beanie and pants!

  • LOVE the photography in this post! Really beautiful! Stephanie x