Military Brooch.


I am a big fan of vintage accessories, but recently I have developed an obsession with military pieces. For example this brooch was found at a local market, for 3$. The most amazing is that it’s authentic, and that means a lot to me, as I am a big history lover. I value everything that brings up memories of historic events. Touching that brooch, gives me goose bumps. It’s like hundreds of spirits go through me, giving me flashbacks from a past I don’t own, followed by powerful unexplained emotions of anxiety and proud at the same time… That’s why wearing a piece that small can not only look beautiful, but also feel inspiring.

redcoatmedaltwo    IMG_9357redcoatmedalIMG_9343redcoatmedal   IMG_9396redcoatmedalIMG_9304redcoatmedal

I was wearing:

Mango coat
Yves Saint Laurent boots
vintage military brooch and earrings

  • I love the brooch, it’s abslutely amazing. My grandfather used to have a lot of these and I wondered if I could wear them, but I didn’t know if they work. I love the coat and the boots as well. I remember seeing the bots in another post, did you put that beige band on them?

  • Antonia

    This look absolutely sensational!!!!

  • Rachel

    You look fabulous!!!

  • That coat is awesome! Love it!



  • Love your new page <3
    Gorgeous outfit!
    by Marta Antolínez.

  • Anda

    You look really lovely in this outfit!!!

  • Beautiful coat and brooch!!

    by the way, it’s “anxiety and pride” not “proud”.


  • love this brooch!!
    nice look!!

  • rux

    love the coat!


  • Boots are amazing!

  • regina

    I gotta be honest, this new site is cool but I feel like you’re doing too much, therefore the content is now completely diluted. I used to be excited to check out the blog pretty much daily to see new posts, and now you’re posting mediocre content and half of the time its not even you.. idk.. I used to like the old Golden Diamonds, however the look of the new site is very professional, have to commend you on that!

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Hi! Thank you for your feedback! The thing is that it’s the same me in the “Doina” section. I post as often as often as i’ve been in the past few months. What i wanted to do was just give some more content, as i feel too limited posting only outfit photos. Now there are articles, that I myself, find useful. And that is what i wanted to offer my readers, different aspects of fashion, as food, traveling, it’s all a part of the our lifestyle. Hope I don’t disappoint you! 🙂

  • Patrizia

    Amazing outfit,you are so very beautiful!!!

  • Gergana

    Doina, it wouldn’t be bad if you explained your readers what exactly is going on with your blog. Like officially. 😉

  • Alison

    I’ll have to agree with Regina. The website is a mess! The content ranges from awesome to super crap! I love the food section though… The organisation of the content is extremely hectic! Sections don’t make any sense. As from that I figured out till now there are more bloggers now: you and two models right? Every other section is a mixture of yours and someone else’s content. I love your site design-vise but the logistics and the content need an awful amount of work! The idea is potentially amazing, I’ve seen similar sites but they are better organized. *the golden diamonds* seems to be loosing personality rather than expending, honestly. Hope this feedback proves useful.

  • helen

    sorry doina but i don’t like your website, it’s a really disorder. sorry

  • You look absolutely gorgeous!! And I have to tell you I really love the new concept of your website, it looks very modern and even gives you the feeling that you are browsing on a online fashion magazine! Great job!

  • love your look here doina

  • Oh, I love vintage things too! The feeling that the clothing or accessory has gone through so much gives me goosebumps. I think thats why I love rifling through my mum’s closet, haha!

  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the coat so much! The boots and the brooch are beautiful, still in love with those boots!

    Hayley xx