Midnight in Paris.

Paris, France

Editing photos, all consumed by my laptop, I haven’t been keeping track of time. My mind struggling to concentrate on dozens of unread emails, but my eyes keep looking out the window. It’s dark. The lights are on. I ignore every signal from the usually strongest, rational side of my inner self, and all I can feel is my heart beating faster and faster, and my head turns into a fountain of foggy memories, and my body is shivering, and I feel the need to leave the apartment immediately. I put on jeans and trainers, leave a note for my photographer Lena, and rush out. Everything is just the way I remembered. No, even more beautiful, it gets more beautiful every time! I walk down the street, La Tour Eiffel on my left, Pont Alexandre III on my right, it’s time for “Midnight in Paris” magic.

  • I love Paris!!! Beautiful shot.

    xx Mira


  • looks so perfect

  • Q

    wow! that is some pic!… beautiful.x


  • to die for view ♥


  • beautiful!


  • lena

    oh yes, beautiful photo!


  • great photo dear!


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  • I’m so jealous.