MFW. Blue coat


I have had a crush on electric blue since Phoebe Philo used it for the Celine bags. The color is just so neutral, but i feel like it inspires power and control. I especially love it when used with minimalistic designs, like this coat for example. I wore it for the Jil Sander show back in Milan. The story behind this piece is very simple, I couldn’t find a blue coat I liked, so decided to make my own one. What do you think, guys? It’s oversized, comfortable and warm, what else can you possibly want from a coat?

P.S. Wish you all a beautiful and sunny spring!!

IMG_5225lastdayIMG_5233lastdayIMG_5220lastdayIMG_5227lastdayIMG_0195lastdayphotos by Alexey Popoff

I was wearing:

Zara turtleneck sweater
coat of my own design
3.1 Philip Lim trousers
Stella McCartney bag
Miu Miu shoes


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  1. carol   |     |   Reply

    head to toe blue with these incredibly sweet pumps? well matched and BINGO !:)

  2. Pauline   |     |   Reply

    This is my favorite colour, so I can only love it. But beyond this, I love how the color takes the outfit to the next level, no matter how minimalistic the pieces can be!

  3. Nicolene Richards   |     |   Reply

    Absolutely stunning outfit, you certainly know your way around elegance!

  4. vasilieva   |     |   Reply

    the coat is a stunner. that colour is perfect on you

  5. Veronica   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous!!! When are you gonna design your own line? Electric blue is my favorite color :)
    I wish you a beautiful spring, Doina!

    • Doina Ciobanu   |     |  

      Thank you, Veronica! Oh i think for a pesonal line you have to be a really talented person, so can’t really imagine myself doing it. These are just pieces that I know in my head i want, but can’t find anywhere, and have it custom made is the best decision! :D

  6. La Roqua   |     |   Reply

    I want that coat and I would definitely buy it. Is there any way I could do that ? :)

    • Doina Ciobanu   |     |  

      At the moment i am just designing for myself, as I don’t wanna get involved in clothing production and all those things. But thank you anyways! And if I ever decide to sell any of these pieces, I’ll let you know ;)

  7. Alexa   |     |   Reply

    Ador aceasta culoare si te prinde foarte bine!!

  8. Vilele   |     |   Reply

    Love the coat!!!

  9. Aliss   |     |   Reply

    Love you coat and bag!!!!

  10. Alexis Lazar   |     |   Reply

    Electric blue is my favourite colour as well! The coat is fantastic.

  11. Rhoda Wong   |     |   Reply

    oh my gosh! so in love with your blue coat! it is just amazing

  12. Deborah   |     |   Reply

    This color fits you perfectly!


  13. Vikingmode   |     |   Reply

    Ohhh my god, such a beautiful blue colour!!!

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  14. Georgiana   |     |   Reply

    E superba culoarea, iar pantofii sunt adorabili!

  15. Mari   |     |   Reply

    You look amazing!!!Love you coat.

  16. Hayley   |     |   Reply

    omg i love that coat so much! please please make me one :D Im also a huge fan of royal blue :D Love your trousers and bag aswell

    Hayley xx

  17. Natali   |     |   Reply

    Ai făcut o combinatie perfecta.Te urmaresc de mult timp si tot timpul aștept cu nerabdare noile postari.Vreau sa te felicit pentru schimbarile pe blog,ai reușit foarte multe la anii tai!!!

  18. Lydia   |     |   Reply

    God, the colour and cut of this coat is just stunning! I really love all your own designs, can you please do a post about how you go about designing your own pieces?? I would really like to know!

    • Doina Ciobanu   |     |  

      Hey Lydia, thanks! Honestly, my designing process is not interesting at all. My sketches are really messy, and I just explain and show every detail I want to my tailor. I am very lucky she perfectly understands me, and does everything as I say :D

    • Michèle   |     |  

      Oh god, I was just so relieved when I read you’re only doing the design and your tailor make the rest. I first thought you’re tailoring it by yourself :D Great design though!

      How much does it coast to let a tailor do your custom made clothes? You just inspired me that’s why I’m asking

  19. Bernadette Czle   |     |   Reply

    I love your shoes <3

  20. Huyen   |     |   Reply

    gorgeous coat, the color is spectacular!

  21. terners   |     |   Reply

    great look!
    love this coat very much!

  22. Vellia   |     |   Reply

    Absolutely stunning outfit!!Love you coat!

  23. Chantelle   |     |   Reply

    I can’t believe you made your own coat! GORGEOUS! Congrats baby girl that looks like a designer piece.

  24. Raluca Du   |     |   Reply

    This coat is PERFECTION I must say.
    Actually the entire blue look looks great, but the coat just gives the finishing touch!
    LOVE it

  25. Linda   |     |   Reply

    Perfectly!!Love you style!

  26. Karolina   |     |   Reply

    wow, this coat is perfect! the color and the shape… brilliant. And I love this blue total look!

  27. Tra Mi   |     |   Reply

    the coat is just amazing

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