Win: Fly with me to Barcelona for #MANGODIY.


I know it’s a little late for an Easter present for you, but who doesn’t like them all year round? Moreover when the surprise takes the form of  an exciting trip.

A unique DIY and visiting experience with one of the leading high-street fashion brands in the world? Not enough? A fully paid trip to one of the most relaxing and fun cities in Europe, Barcelona? Well, maybe a 5 star hotel will change your mind? Still no? Hmmm, what about meeting some of your favourite fashion bloggers? And if you didn’t buy that, then the only thing remaining for me to do it… fine, I’ll sing for you! But that will be super private, just between us, no cameras around, ok? I Promise, I’m pretty good at that, so now you might want to reconsider the offer.

But seriously, The Golden Diamonds has teamed up with the cool people at Mango to give you the chance of winning return flights to Barcelona. As a part of Mango’s #MangoDIY campaign, each winner will receive a prize which includes:

  • Travel to (13/05/14) and from (15/05/14) Barcelona from your nearest airport.
  • Transfers in Barcelona.
  • Accommodation, including breakfast, at a 5 star hotel in Barcelona.
  • Participation in all the #MangoDIY planned during the stay.

All you have to do is enter. And that’s simpler than you could have ever thought:

* Go to your Instagram and upload a photo of the nicest DIY thing you’ve ever made; tag @goldendiamonds and use the following hashtag: #MANGODIY. *

The contest will be running between the 25th of April until the 1st of May, so make sure you enter in time.

I am stupidly excited to meet one of you and am very positive that we’ll have a lot of fun together.

Good luck!!


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  • Ольга

    Это супер,я обожаю Манго и Барселону!!

  • I think I might give that contest a go. You never know, I might win it! 🙂


  • Andy

    how do you win?you must get likes , is random choosing or?

  • Thanks Doina for this awesome opportunity ! Funny enough I’ll be in Spain anyway from the 12th of May but in Madrid. I’d love to catch a quick flight though to Barca and spend some quality time with you ! 🙂

    I’ve already entered the contest on Instagram !

    best wishes,
    Sara Constance

  • smitt3n

    I have already gather some material for one of the DIY, I just have to finish it and enter the competition. I am so excited!!! Would be a dream come true to have a spring break to Barcelona 🙂

    BTW, how are the winners going to be selected? based on the idea or on the likings of other people? How many ideas can we submit? I have a few but did not find everything I need :d Depending if I can find time to look for more pieces required for the diy I might submit more ideas.

    Thanks Doina!

  • Hi Doina!

    Have you chosen the oh so lucky winner for the #mangodiy contest? I posted a diy lace bodice and have been checking Instagram to see if you’ve chosen a winner, but I haven’t seen anything yet. There are definitely some really creative diy pictures and the anticipation is killing me! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this incredible opportunity.