Shanghai Bound: Mandarin Oriental.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, ah Shanghai, you are a pearl of the Chinese Coastline. In the heart of modern architecture and skyscrapers, you hide the history and culture of one of China’s biggest cities. Even though my trip to Shanghai, travel diaries unlike fashion, can never really go outdated. For the few days I spent there, the city couldn’t have been more perfect, as I was already starting to consider living there for a while longer… For someone working in fashion, Shanghai is the heart of the Chinese industry, filled with creative and talented people, from designers to PRs and beauty gurus. It was very easy to make friends, and knowing just one person I ended up at cool art exhibitions and local cocktail bars eating the best focaccia in town. Ah sweet memories! But what made my trip even more pleasant was the perfect location. Thanks to Mandarin Oriental the Huangpu River and the Pearl Tower were my “good morning” and “good night” views.

mandarin oriental-35


reiss pudong


reiss china

mandarin oriental collage dan

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doina ciobanu sweater

mandarin oriental shanghai blogger

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Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Are you preparing us for something big? I am getting a good vibe! <3

  • mariel

    Shanghai is so beautiful and your photos are just look stunning Doina <3

  • Stefanie

    wow- really gorgeous photos! I wish my fiance could take pictures like these- you look incredible, in an incredible city!


  • shelby

    Beautiful photos! I’m with Stefanie I wish my boyfriend could take photos like these :]

  • what a pleasure was to look this pics!


  • Lovely photographs and you both looking extremely beautiful 🙂

  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing post! very editorial-like and organized!!