Magic is….

Phuket, Thailand

Magic is when you wake up looking at the endless ocean that connects with the sky somewhere far away; when you can hear the echo of your heartbeat in the silence; when the whole universe seems to be working on your happiness;  when you start noticing little things like a rain drop touching the perfect surface of the pool; when you take a long breath, and feel alive. 

And that is how I felt in Sri Panwa. This might be just the photo of one of my delicious breakfasts, but to me it’s far more than just that. Looking at it, I remember every single magical moment spent in Thailand, and can’t help the desire to want to go back…


Photo by Fashionising

  • Wow what a stunning view.

    xx Mira

  • anna

    Hello,how are you? Hope your doing well…I love your blog ! Would you mind check out mine as well? I would really appreciate if you follow me and I’ll follow you back as well…Thank you in advance for your time ,hope to see you soon..
    best wishes anna

  • Nicee 🙂

  • Oh wow, this is a real magic!

  • it looks like you had a really great time!

  • Frey de Fleur

    What a beautiful photo! I’ve just been looking through your travel posts and I could spend hours on your blog x