Win €100 000 with a bit of Make-up.

Zell am See, Austria

For those who already follow me on Instagram, this post doesn’t come as a surprise. After sharing quite a few “colourful” makeup styles I’ve been trying lately, it was time to take my newborn love to the next level, aka The Golden Diamonds blog. 

Somehow my obsession with colours was evolving at the same time that L’Oreal started talking about a new contest, which can undoubtedly be categorised as the contest of the year, with the theme… “Colour Clash”! And that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you more about today.

The past half a year have really changed my view of makeup. I have started appreciating it, being fascinated by the art you can achieve with a few brushes and shadows, watching dozens of tutorials… and then watching them again. Especially with a new social side of my life appearing on the horizon, I simply could not trust anyone else, and I had to start learning makeup techniques myself, so when the time comes, I can give myself a Hollywood look on par with authentic Hollywood.

When I found out about The Brush Contest organised by L’Oreal, I even felt responsible to let all my friends, acquaintances, readers, about the amazing opportunity, since I myself am such a big fan of beauty and makeup, and that’s exactly why I teamed up with the company to launch this amazing contest.  

So what’s in it for you?

      1 year contract as an expert Makeup Designer for L’Oreal Paris worth €100 000! 

What do you have to do for it?

     Simply upload a short 3-min video tutorial of your interpretation of Colour Clash theme HERE.

It’s open to everyone, makeup artists, bloggers, bloggers, makeup lovers, the only requirement is creativity!

The final winner will get the chance to go to the worldwide final in Paris which will be hosted by one of the world’s favourite actresses and L’Oreal Spokesmodel Eva Longoria. So make sure to enter NOW!

Good Luck!! 

Untitled-1doina ciobanu l'oreal colours 1doina ciobanu l'oreal colours 2

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours-16

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours-20

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours- blue1

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours- blue2

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours- blue3

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours- blue4

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours-30

doina ciobanu l'oreal colours-50


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Wow! Stunning giveaway!

  • Anda

    Superba ca de obicei!!

  • Wow! That turquoise mascara is definitely crazy! Looks amazing on you!! <3

  • Ольга

    Oчень красивые фотографии,тебе очень классно.

  • you are so beautiful!

  • Iulia!

    Ce ar fi daca ti-ai scoate sprincenele din partea mediala, putin doar unde nu stau atit de perfect, sau sa le vopseti ca sa para un tot intreg, in rest totul e bine.

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Nu-mi place spatiul mare intre sprancene, optez pentru un look mai natural, a la Cara )

  • I love the frosty bunny look, it is so cool and unusual….I think I’ gonna definitely try it!


  • Eni

    What a beautiful make up!!!!

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  • stamina

    I just love you, girl

  • sunshine

    sooo preetttyyy <3

  • Ana Maria

    These photos are very beautiful, Doina. Your skin looks great, would be nice if you can share your skincare secrets 🙂

  • Jenna

    L’oreal is truly one of the best out there. I have been using their products for years and they work great. Well done Diona!

  • Beautiful!!