London Vibes.



The London atmosphere inspires me to go for a very casual yet cool style. What can be more perfect than a shirt, bf jeans and leather loafers? This is definitely the outfit you’d want to wear to explore the city.

1. Print Shirt by Thakoon Addition

2. Mini Sophie Hulme burgundy bag

3. Valentino Bow loafers

4. Acne boyfriend jeans

  • that shirt. I’m in love!

  • ooh those bow loafers ♥

  • beautiful pieces! love this bag!

  • love #2

  • Oh how I want a pair of boyfriend jeans.

  • oh how I want boyfriend jeans but I feel like you need to be really skinny to pull them off… which I am not.

  • woops I didn’t even realize i have already commented on this I am so sorry.