June in London.


Since I’ve started my summer in the land of rain, London, to be more precise, my idea of  June has switched to something I’d call April back at home. The tricky part is that, though rainy and annoyingly windy sometimes, London can feel humid and boiling. So how do you survive such an unstable weather? Well, I’m sharing an outfit that works perfectly for me!casual outfit idea

Michael Kors watch / Ancient Greek Sandals / Current Elliott pants / T by Alexander Wang / New Look backpack

  • nice!


  • This is a great outfit except your feet would get so cold when it rains so you would want something a bit more covered up.


  • so gooood !


  • Oh yeah, the weather in London. I’ve only been here for three years myself, but it’s an absolute joy and bane of my existence whenever summer comes around. I’m from Ireland so we don’t often get the heat London does or the amount of sunshine, but at the same time it’s so sticky here! Just wait until July/August. You won’t want to go near any form of public transport then!
    In saying that, your outfit choice is pretty good. I’d recommend some slacker pants as they will stick to you! :-p



  • fantastic picks!


  • great!

  • Though you are fucked if it rains and your feats get wet 😛


  • Perfect, love the neutral palette. Classy!


  • Great outfit! Love it!

  • love everything! x