Arriving at the Salina Port in Italy.

Salina, Italy



As the fashion week madness is over… or at least London, I’m yet to decide the fate of Paris! I finally have to time to go through more of my photos from our spectacular summer experiences. As you know the past few months have been crazily intense for me. From Saint Tropez to Bali, then yacht life for a week in Italy, then a broken foot, cast and so on. But my foot is almost heeled and I’m trying to burry that awful memory far in the past. The best way to do that is overload myself with beautiful memories, like this one from the Yacht Week. Smelling the freshness, watching the sun set into the infinity of the sea horizon, kissing under the sky filled with millions of stars and galaxies, going to bed with that slight pain from an undiscovered sunburn, feeling alive and free.

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-3

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-13

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-4

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-10

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht


doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-9

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-7

doina ciobanu jetset diaries yacht-11


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Urban Maria

    you are gorgeous as always! but you seem to need some fun infusion 🙂 Maybe next year you’ll come to a yachting trip with us, we will sail from Romania to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece and then, at the end of the summer back to Romania. It will be F.U.N. ! Check out our offer You’ll have a bonus photographer, me :-))) and an excelent captain. We would love to have you on board! kisses from Constanta, Romania

  • Glad to hear your foot is getting better! And gorgeous dress x

  • Beautiful pictures!

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  • Wow, beautiful photographs! You look gorgeous! <3


  • Lovey Fleming

    This is absolutely stunning! I love living through your magical blog. Such a magnificent dress too~


  • Wow! You absolute stunner! These pictures are so pretty and it’s so lovely looking through your gorgeous blog! Stephanie x

  • Perfect! Thank you for the inside of the Fashion week on snapchat! It was amazing watching the collections and hearing Romanian folk!

  • amazing! this is perfect!

  • fifi newbery

    you are so beautiful it is actually unreal!

  • Gelu Peculiar

    Coplimente pentru frumusetea ta clasica exotica cu acea melancolie candida like a Princess Doina Ciobanu 🙂

  • Melanie Badash

    You are gorgeous and this look is utterly stunning! Your blog so inspires me to try and at least attempt to look nice each day! 🙂