Jeans and Balenciaga




These beautiful shoes were bought 2 years ago from Zara and I totally forgot about them, can you imagine?
They are the type of boots I had been having an image of in my mind for several months, until I found
 these ones. I love the conservative black, twisted by the metal in the front. I also love the short heel, which
sometimes is a real saviour, especially after too much running on the very high ones.
The shape of the shoes, makes them go really well with different clothes, from above knee skirts to
boyfriend or skinny jeans, in bright or dark colors.
Even if I am sure not all of you are going to like these boots, what do you think about them?

Sinequanone sweater, Massimo Dutti jeans, D&G coat, Zara shoes, Balenciaga bag



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  1. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    The metal capped heels and the periwinkle hued satchel…so in love. x

  2. La Coquette de la Mode   |     |   Reply

    Your sweater is so cute :)XX Kathryn

  3. Jo   |     |   Reply

    Ohh, your jacket is truly the most amazing shape! <3 And I love love love your catseye glasses!xLost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. Simone   |     |   Reply

    you’ve got very nice sweater :)

  5. Marloes   |     |   Reply

    Love your shoes! They remind me of the ones from the Nowhere collection!

  6. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    love it!! beautifulhttp://www.aroundlucia.com

  7. Maria   |     |   Reply

    I definitely liked the sweater!

  8. Irene Buffa   |     |   Reply

    ive never seen u with jeans :Du look gorgeous!and i love the shoes!

  9. .Candy.   |     |   Reply

    this whole outfit is a really great one! i love the boots and the balenciaga! too die for!!!♥

  10. Rachel Phipps   |     |   Reply

    I absolutely adore that coat!

  11. Jm Campos   |     |   Reply

    Well Simplicity is Beauty <

  12. one girl, one blog   |     |   Reply

    It is great!Ilove it so much!

  13. Madam Chic   |     |   Reply

    Love this shoes much!! you look great.Please visit my blog!!

  14. Georgiana   |     |   Reply

    the shoes are nice and the entire outfit is lovely, especially the bag.

  15. Melissa M   |     |   Reply

    I don’t like the boots btw I think that you look better when you dress like a girl of your age..

  16. Ishara   |     |   Reply

    love the shoes and bag, reallt nice look

  17. Lisa   |     |   Reply

    lovely pictures :)

  18. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    that happens to me all the time :)love this !

  19. Ana   |     |   Reply

    I really love your hair!!!!

  20. Vicky   |     |   Reply

    Looks so great!!! Love the shoes!new post: click herefollow me

  21. Zoraida   |     |   Reply

    I’m not a huge fan of these shoes, but they are a strong trend this season, lucky you that u bought them 2 years ago! an you look amazing as always :) classy and chic <3

  22. Nee   |     |   Reply

    love the whole outfit, very fashionable:)Love,NeeROSECANDLE11GIVEAWAY: GOLD/PINK STATEMENT NECKLACE

  23. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    long time no see-JEANS! like it :)

  24. Plami   |     |   Reply

    Chic and stylish! love it!XoXoPlami

  25. Maria D   |     |   Reply

    Great combination, elegant yet casual! I always enjoy your blog:)aboutandaround.wordpress.comxoxo, Maria.

  26. Joana   |     |   Reply

    Love the boots, they’re amazing! how could you forget about them? xx♡ Jo giveaway on my blog

  27. Jade   |     |   Reply

    Loving the sweater!!!!

  28. Lucie   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous look!))) I love it so much!

  29. Dominika   |     |   Reply

    those shoes are amazing!<3Fashion Philosophy

  30. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    stunning! love this!

  31. Cecille   |     |   Reply

    the shoes are AMAZING !!! love them <3

  32. Sam   |     |   Reply

    The metal tips make these shoes epic! Love them!Great look as usual!

  33. Diary of Mia   |     |   Reply

    chic look!

  34. Christy U lam   |     |   Reply

    love how the simplicity of this look. You look fantastic .Christy

  35. Antonia-Ivana   |     |   Reply

    epic shoes! Your bag is gorgeous and so is your coat.

  36. WearAbouts   |     |   Reply

    gorgeous knit and the metal toes are SO GORGEOUS !!! <3Roryhttp://www.WearAboutsBlog.comCHICTOPIA

  37. Fashion is for idiots [like us]   |     |   Reply

    Adorable. The shoes! How could you forget about these super stunning ones? :)xfashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  38. Alice   |     |   Reply

    I like the simplicity of this outfit and the shoes are so this season!Kisses

  39. Vanity   |     |   Reply

    I love this outfit :)

  40. PFashion   |     |   Reply

    You are so natural! A very nice outfit :)

  41. everybodies fashion   |     |   Reply

    amazing!!! love it ! ;) greets! :D

  42. Margherita   |     |   Reply

    Lovely outifit, I really like the sweater

  43. Heidi   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous look! Love the sweater. New follower as well! Love the blog. You got great fashion sense. :) You may check out my fashion blog as well if you like! - Heidi

  44. Julianna   |     |   Reply

    perfect!i love your shoes! nice.and so good look.

  45. Nastja   |     |   Reply

    Love the sweater and the coat :) You look great!Please take a look at my new blog, I will have a giveaway very soon :)