Japanese Blossoms.

Kyoto, Japan

(dress from Yasya Minochkina, blazer from PNK Casual, shoes from Christian Louboutin, earrings from Japan)

Just before leaving for Japan, I checked out all the fresh photos on Instagram and was really disappointed to find out that the Sakura bloom was way too early this season, therefore all the trees were already empty and green.

Fortunately, I checked only Osaka and got worried before time. In Kyoto and Tokyo, the Japanese Cherry and Plum trees were still in full bloom. Of course I couldn’t miss my chance and took some photos in this stunning dress from Yasya Minochkina and velvet blazer from PNK Casual.

greendress 01








  • Wooww!

  • Amazing photos 🙂 really good job… love your dress!


  • suberb! <3

  • Those shots are beautiful <3 It must be so stunning to see those blossoming trees!

  • Awesome pictures!


  • amazing photos! and you look so gorgeous!


  • nice dress 🙂 this yellow looks awesome


  • so beautiful and so ethereal
    where the dress is from?

  • Looking amazing!


  • gorgeous shots


  • Nati

    Wonderful dress!Gorgeous pics!!!

  • Alexa

    Amazing pics,absolutely magical!!

  • Kelly

    You look amazing!!Very chich.

  • Оля

    Такая женственная!!!!!!!!

  • stunning photos and outfit!!!

    Hayley xx

  • Deborah

    Gorgeous dress!

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  • You could prefer a pink dress..

  • i love this color on you!


  • I adore your style,darling!
    The dress is amazing!

  • Lari

    You look great!!

  • Very nice dress! You look great! Very nice colors!!

  • Valentina

    Cea mai superba!

  • Katerini

    Wow,you look fabulous!!!

  • The colour of the dress is gorgeous!

  • Magical pictures !!! I love spring blossoms, so much that it’s my profile picture on my blog 🙂


  • wow, such wonderful and stunning pictures!!

  • Gina

    Superbe poze,tu frumoasa si locuri uimitoare!)))))p.s.cu care aparat foto te fotografiaza mama ta?!) ;)))

  • Beautiful photos!


  • Lisa

    Amazing photos and the look gorgeous again!

  • I have been reading your blog for about two months now (if not more) and I can honestly say that it is the most beautiful fashion blog I have read so far. I like that you travel a lot, it can also be a source of knowledge for tourism not just fashion. It’s just so COSY! Keep up the good work, neighbor. (I am from RO)

  • Stunning as always <3

  • So perfect, this is what a lady should dress like!


  • This is just simply stunning.

  • I wanna visit Japaaan

  • me2