IT bag.



I have been after a Celine bag for more than a year. The brand produces items of unusual quality and that is what I love about it so much… well besides the fact that the design is extraordinary simple and complex at the same time.
Of course my ultimate dream bag is the black Celine Boston , but until my shoe obsession lightens up, I will stick to this one!

I found the black logo bag in France, during my recent Euro-trip. It is spacious, the colors are casual and the handle is very comfortable. The best part of the purchase is that I bought it at sale, that means double happiness!!! 
  • I like this bag.


  • Anonymous

    Ce frumoasa este gentuta! Iti doresc sa devina realitate si visul cu celalta

  • great purchase :)

  • its great!

  • wauw, i am jealous 🙂

  • Cute bag!

  • awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Buna Doina,imi poti spune cam cat costa o geanta ca aceasta?

  • nice bag but I’m not a fan of bags with big logos on them …xx,Meelena

  • Alexa

    Love your bag!!!

  • Alexa

    Love your bag!!!

  • Anonymous

    from all of the celine bags this one is the ugliest .even though i an a huge fan of phoebe philo and her designs..weell this one…


  • Anonymous

    Where you find it? I want it so much!!

  • Alina

    E superba!astept o postare noua.

  • Ai aparut si pe acest blog ultima poza la al 3-lea post)Apropo, geanta e absolut geniala

  • what a gorgeous bag!xx OlgaLa Petite Olga

  • If it didn’t have that big logo, I would have love it.Check out my new post, Need some ice?

  • such a classic bag!!

  • lucky girl

  • E absolut superba!As purta-o si eu!:P