Past Obsessions.


LNA top /   Reiss blazer / Zara skirt / Isabel Marant sneakers / Saint Laurent Betty bag / Accessorize hat / Malvensky ring 

Human obsessions are always funny, because nearly all of them are temporary, and usually the bigger the obsession, the fastest it fades away. As a little girl, I had a huge obsession with Barbies, and by huge I mean I owned about 70 Barbie dolls, cars, dinning tables, yachts, houses, pools, horses, pets, and everything there has ever been created for a Barbie. Then my Barbie addiction suddenly switched to the so cool in the 2000s MyScene, then W.i.t.c.h., then phones, then iPads, then cameras, then bags and shoes and so on…

Take these Isabel Marant shoes for example. I searched for them everywhere and I knew with all my being that they would somehow make me feel pleased, fulfilled, happy even.  However, superficial obsessions fade away, and we’re left with silly memories of our crazy desire… Well, I’ll go now and dream about that Celine bag that I saw in the store window the other day, haha, I’m kidding! Or maybe not?

Now that I’ve confessed,  I’d like to hear about your past obsessions! Have you ever felt like getting something would make you feel happier? : )






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  • My past obsession is a Gucci leather black skirt. I still love it…
    xox, Gap.

  • Lovely outfit!

  • 70 Barbies? OMG!

  • Leta

    Cute bag!

    I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

  • Great look!
    Hm, obsessions, let me think about it.. I have a lot but most of the are too expensive to achieve so what stays is the admiration from afar haha

  • I have had plenty of obsessions. But one obsession that never fades away is buying fabrics. Since I make most of the clothes I wear, I am constantly on the prowl for quality affordable fabrics, and as you said, as soon as I buy one I am thinking of the other.

  • I desperately wanted a Wuvluv when I was a kid. And later it became a play mobile addiction haha!
    In the high school years it changed to Vivienne Westwood boots, but I’m still sort of dreaming about them. (:

  • Amazing look <3 Love it

  • Andreea

    Doina, nu faci un “shop my closet”?

  • Love this casual chic outfit! The hat looks amazing on you!

  • Personally, I have a small obsession for watches. Owning over 20 watches is called small a small obsession, right? 🙂

  • I love the photos and your new shoes. I also had/have those kind of obsessions. Thinking about the Celine trio bag all the time. Don’t know yet.. when or how am I sure?!

  • Very beautiful and comfy look!
    Love the bag*

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  • lovely!

  • Flawless! I love pinstripe!

  • Lyn

    Love it that you combined those Isabel Marant’s underneath a skirt!
    & haha, I have that feeling all the time :p ‘if I would have that, dang, I would be so happy’ may sound superficial but just being honest..
    xo Lyn

  • I have a lot obssesions but they comes and go ;))) and I know that it will be that way …
    And when I see that Everyone have something I do not want it anymore 😛 it it is so weard. :)))

    Have a nice weekend

  • wonderful dear!

  • Doina, you look amazing! I love the way you combine sport and casual elements with fab accesories.

    Cinderella on the Runway

  • Love your look. Can’t imagine to wear Isabel Marant sneakers with that hat, but it looks great on you!

  • You look stunning Doina – as for obsessions I remember in my teens I was madly obsessed with getting my hands on this Louis Vuitton silver patent bag. But I never did in the end! I got to Paris and there was none left. Now it does seem silly!

  • For me, a house would be the ultimate luxury, and getting one of those would make me happy! Of course I love shoes, bags, clothes – when I buy new ones, sure, they make me happy, but not exactly fulfilled. A house that I own, on the other hand, is something I’m sure would ease so many worries – somewhere to truly call my own, to make a home, to feel secure – to have all that taken care of would be so freeing!

  • Oh, I love your outfit. It’s so cool and fresh!

  • that isabel marant shoes is to die for!!

  • Ioana

    hihi, you are so nice, and you look so fit …