Verona, Italy


A wall. You’d think, how can “a wall” be the topic of a post. However, this one is very special and deserves being here. It’s the garden wall of Hotel Veronesi La Torre, where I stayed with Intimissimi for the Show. I was fascinated by the color and paintings, felt very medieval and fresh at the same time.

Also I want to present you my new favorite sunglasses that you will be seeing on my blog very often. They’re Giorgio Armani vintage, found in a very old shop in Lucca, Italy.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  • The wall looks pretty cute and I love your new cool Armani sunnies.

    xx Mira

  • Lovely vintage find, I get so excited when I come across great vintage pieces like this xx

  • Love this picture! The wall looks amazing, and you’re so cute!

  • beautiful picture! love it!

  • A beautiful wall can add so much to a blogpost. x

  • Cool photo! That really is an awesome wall 🙂


  • The wall looks absolutely gorgeous, love your sunglasses.


    Style of Purity

  • I love your watch!!!

  • Love this picture!

  • Is it possible for me to be as pretty and gorgeous as you do?? ;))
    Love your blog! xx

  • great find! love that sunnies