InstaCollection PFW SS2013.

If one year ago, everyone at Paris Fashion Week would ask about personal e-mail, facebook, twitter, website… This latest one was all about “Do you have an Instagram?”.
Literally EVERYONE had an Instagram!! I thought about that for a few days, because it was really unusual to me, but I decided that it was actually great! In the last few months i have been almost absent from my personal facebook, or Twitter, or any other social networks (except my blog and e-mails of course), and I don’t feel the need, because Instagram has it all!! Beautiful filters, the perfect square crop, the blur, the tags that help you see other beautiful stuff, and of course, the fact that everything is really natural and real… I am just in love with this application!! 
So that’s why I decided to show the details of my PFW through my Instagram photos, because I have a lot of them!!

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  • Love looking at all of these photos! Thanks for sharing them :)another day to wander

  • super nice!xx

  • Great pics! Love love Paris!xx

  • Great pics!

  • I don`t have Instagram, so I#m glad to see your phots here :)

  • I like all your outfits!

  • Anonymous

    Se vede ca ai avut parte de o vacanta de vis! bravo, Doinita

  • wow!! amazing post with great pics!!!

  • Great pics! Love the outfits!

  • everything about this post is amazing. love.

  • my fav is definitely the picture of you in bed having breakfast, so cute!xxhttp://www.pretpenser.com

  • no.3 – where did you eat these fantastic sandwiches? Look delicious! Every photo looks great! Love this your post so much…♥

  • Thank you for sharing with us this amazing experience called Paris Fashion Week…

  • You’ve met Anna dello Russo! So jealous!!!Hi! I’m an editor @

  • Your trip was so amazing! Love it! Marta Antolínez.

  • cute story and love the photographs 😀 you are so stylish!

  • wonderful pictures!

  • loving the photos!

  • Veronica

    This is gorgeous!!

  • Love this post and your bloggood luck for the futurexxSophie from

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